Capcom has mastered the Resident Evil 4 remake: Review

The Resident Evil 4 remake, which comes three years after the Resident Evil 3 remake, sees the series finally move away from Racoon City and into the middle of nowhere in rural Spain.

Capcom has mastered the Resident Evil 4 remake: Review, Credit: Resident Evil 4
By Shubham Dalal | Mar 20, 2023 | 4 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

The Resident Evil 4 remake, which comes three years after the Resident Evil 3 remake, sees the series finally move away from Racoon City and into the middle of nowhere in rural Spain. And it’s clear how much more detailed the game is in comparison to its Gamecube origins. Capcom’s team not only fine-tuned the RE Engine over the years with the masterful Resident Evil 2 and 3 remakes, but it also took aspects of the original game that were iconic and changed things ever so slightly in both gameplay and story to make it unique enough for a new audience. If you need more information about Capcom has mastered the Resident Evil 4 remake then read carefully and don’t forget to share with your friends.

Capcom has mastered the Resident Evil 4 remake: Review

Naturally, not everything is perfect. But, unlike any other game, the Resident Evil 4 remake will leave you terrified and stuck babysitting the President’s daughter.Returning Resident Evil 4 fans will be surprised at how much the story has changed in some areas while maintaining the original premise and world. Capcom has reimagined the original Resident Evil 4 story for a new audience while also catering to die-hard fans who enjoyed specific aspects of the original. The changes, however, do not stop with the story; Capcom also targeted many of the exploits used by players in the original game to increase their survivability.

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The game’s level of detail cannot be overstated. Despite the fact that the game takes place in the grayest town in rural Europe, each area is vibrant, with secrets creatively hidden in each small section for players to discover. When every bullet counts, searching every nook and cranny for ammo, useful items, or hidden collectibles becomes critical to survival.

That’s not to say the search is without complications, owing primarily to protagonist Leon’s prominent role in the game in more ways than one. Leon’s model appears to take up more than half of the screen at a time during combat or just walking around, making it difficult to explore, find secrets, and get your bearings in close quarters. 

Exploration and Survival:

For a large portion of the first chapters, the Resident Evil 4 remake feels very linear, with Leon traversing through multiple small lane segments with the usual swarm of grouped-up enemies either lying in wait or hiding in a corner somewhere to give the player a small jump scare. For the first few hours, the formula of entering an area, finding a key or item in a small section nearby, and then traversing to another area where a mini-boss or boss awaits seems to be on repeat, which can feel mundane and drawn out when combined with the looting and treasure-finding components.

Although later on, when the player is given more freedom, they are able to go back and unlock chests and locations they previously visited with new ways to explore, maintaining the Resident Evil formula. It also helps that the puzzles in this game are some of the best the series has ever produced, using top-tier visual cues that force the player to maintain concentration at all times for fear of missing something.

You can only fully appreciate what the game has to offer when the world opens up and gives you more freedom. The abundance of collectibles to find, tasks to complete, and secrets to discover will energise completists as well.

Last Bullet Chance:

Capcom has successfully maintained the core of the game while updating the graphics and making story changes. Resident Evil 4 is a solid remake and, despite its flaws, still a lot of fun to play. The latest remake from Capcom feels like a well-made and enjoyable experience despite its flaws as you gain access to more items, weapons, and ways to explore and eventually leave the isolated village.

Now that the remake of Resident Evil 4 has been finished, the franchise’s future is in doubt. Will Capcom move forward with the remake of Resident Evil 5 or will it focus on the upcoming installment of the franchise? It will be interesting to see where the Resident Evil franchise goes from here because Resident Evil 5 completely changed the Resident Evil formula by introducing co-op and more action-oriented elements. However, to tide us over until then, we have a good remake of a classic game that both fans of the original and newcomers to the genre can appreciate.

Score: 8/10

Disclosure: Our review copy of Resident Evil 4 was provided courtesy of Capcom.

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