Call of Duty: Where to find the AI Sharim Pass dead drop in DMZ

In Call of Duty DMZ, players can explore the Ashika Island and Al Mazrah maps if they wish to complete various faction missions and contracts.

credit: Activision
By Rohit Kohli | Mar 2, 2023 | 2 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

In Call of Duty DMZ, players can explore the Ashika Island and Al Mazrah maps if they wish to complete various faction missions and contracts. Some of these missions need players to complete certain objectives on a specific map.

For this, players will need to know both maps properly, including their POIs, dumpster dead drop location, locked spaces, vehicle locations, and other details. Dumpster dead drops are located in both maps, that’s why players will be required to know the exact location from them to complete objectives in faction missions.

One of the White Lotus missions needs players to go to the Al Sharim Pass dumpster dead drop to get seven tracking devices. The Route Forward is a Tier 4 mission for White Lotus. There are 3 main objectives that players will need to complete for this mission. It is exceptionally tough, and you need to know which areas to visit to collect the tracking devices. Other objectives of this mission will require players to plant these tracking devices on AQ trucks at the Sadduq Cave Complex POI.

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Al Sharim Pass dumpster dead drop in DMZ

The Route Forward faction mission for White Lotus has three main objectives. The first one is to go to Al Sharim Pass dumpster dead drop and secure seven tracking devices. In order to get the trackers, players are required to visit the Al Sharim POI, which is located north of the Akhdar Village, and east of the Zaya Observatory POI.

Once players spawn on the map, they need to use a vehicle to reach this area quickly. Players need to make note that Al Sharim POI is crawling with AI combatants, so they need to be well-equipped before visiting this spot.

Upon reaching the area, players need to make their way to the northern side of the Al Sharim POI. Players need to check the white circle on the map above to see the exact location of the Al Sharim dead drop.

Players need to stand in front of the dumpster and interact with it in order to collect the seven tracking devices. Players should remember that sometimes the Al Sharim POI will be a radioactive zone, which means players will find the Chemist at this location. It’s recommended to get masks first before players visit this area. Their health can get depleted inside the radioactive area if they aren’t using a gas mask.

After collecting the trackers, players should head to the underground tunnels in the Sattiq Cave Complex POI. There will be an army of AI combatants down here, so players need to be careful while infiltrating this area. Once players eliminate the opponents, they simply need to place the trackers on the vehicles in the underground tunnels. Once the mission is accomplished, players can leave the area and head for extraction.

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