Call of Duty: What is Reverse Boosting?

By Tanisha Wankhade | Dec 28, 2022 | 2 Min Read follow icon Follow Us


When you play Call of Duty, most players are attempting to do as well as they are able to do. But not every gamer is. And in some circumstances, some gamers are actively attempting to do badly in games. Call of Duty: What is Reverse Boosting?

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So, it often has to do with the skill-based matchmaking system and how players react to it. The common rule of thumb is that the better you always do in games, the better your enemies will also be. When the class of game improves, many gamers usually try to meet the bar the conflict has set or even verify they are nicer than their recent skill status. 

Know about reverse boosting

Reverse boosting is when a gamer attempts to tank their own stats in an effort to lessen the all-around skill status of their squads and enemies. The process of reverse boosting is most generally discerned when a gamer goes on ahead and dies while not even occurring like they’re attempting to ensure a kill or purpose. It’s a beneficial path of assuring the reverse booster has bad individual stats and that their squad loses, both of which are surefire means to be spotted in less-skilled lobbies.

There are some reasons why a player would prefer to reverse boost. The gamer may just need to play terrible enemies so they can attain more prominent games or they could be doing it so they can more simply associate with less-skilled friends who may be overwhelmed by the player’s regular lobbies.

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