Call Of Duty Mobile: Here's a look at the multiplayer modes

Owing to Call of Duty Mobile's engaging features and many modes that players can choose from, the game is only growing. Here is a list of all the multiplayer modes in Call of Duty Mobile that players can enjoy.

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Call of Duty: Mobile is a free-to-play shooter game that witnessed one of the largest launches in the history of mobile gaming. There are two forms of currencies involved in matches within the game. The first is “Credits” which are earned while the game is being played. The second refers to “CoD Points” which need to be purchased using real money. CoD provides players an opportunity to have fun in a multiplayer mode, involving ranked or non-ranked matches. The multiplayer mode provides a first-person shooter perspective, with special weapons available called “Scorestreaks” when a player reaches certain points.

Here’s a look at some of the multiplayer game modes that Call of Duty: Mobile has to offer for gamers:

1) Domination: This mode involves battle for a tactical control point, which is marked. Every team involved in the mode looks to enter the control point that has been marked in the map, which is followed by killing all the opponents. The objective is to remain dominant in the control point for as long as possible, in order to earn points. An extremely vital aspect with regard to Domination is awareness of the map as extensively as possible. Players need to be extremely accurate with regard to their reading of the map.

2) Search and Destroy: This mode of the multiplayer section is extremely basic in nature. There are two teams, with one team looking to attack while the other is handed the objective of defending the base. However, players are not able to respawn in this section, which adds an edge to the clash. The attacking team is handed a bomb, which is expected to be planted at either of the two bomb sites. The defenders look to wipe the attackers out as soon as possible or defuse the bomb within the time limit that has been specified. This mode was featured in Counter-Strike, which is considered one of the most popular franchises in multiplayer FPS games till date.

3) Frontline: Frontline can be considered one of the easy modes in the multiplayer section. It involves only one objective: Killing the enemy as quickly as possible, with the team achieving a tally of 50 kills first winning the match. However, while it sounds simple, the gameplay and execution can be quite complex in nature. Teams need to be extremely astute with regard to their strategies, with achieving efficient kills an extremely important factor. One is encouraged to gain proper exposure to the different facets involved in the game before attempting this mode, because of the complex nature.

There are other modes called Free-For-All, Team Deathmatch, Hardpoint. Free-For-All is based on the concept of registering the highest number of kills. A gamer who kills a total of 20 players first wins the round. Team Deathmatch witnesses two teams striving to reach the kill cap or achieve the most kills possible within the time frame mentioned. Hardpoint works on a similar concept to Domination. The key difference is teams fighting for one point with the position of the point changing as the game progresses.

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