Bungo Stray Dogs Season 4 Episode 1: The Day is a Dream, the Night is Real

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Bungo Stray Dogs is an anime series produced by Bones Studio. The series is directed by Takuya Igarashi and written by Yōji Enokido. The fourth season of the anime, Bungo Stray Dogs: Dead Apple, was released in 2018. The anime is based on a manga series of the same name written and illustrated by Kafka Asagiri and Sango Harukawa. The series follows a group of detectives with supernatural abilities who work for the “Armed Detective Agency” and solve supernatural cases. The fourth season focuses on the battle between the agency and the “Port Mafia” to obtain a powerful ability known as “the Dead Apple.” The anime received positive reviews for its unique concept, characters, and action scenes. Bungo Stray Dogs Season 4 Episode 1: The Day is a Dream, the Night is Real

Overview of Bungo Stray Dogs Season 4 Episode 2

Fukuzawa searches the audience for a potential murderer as the show begins in the theatre. Ranpo displays his disinterest in the concept of having to watch and pay for a play like everyone else despite, as he believes, how apparent the story’s resolution is while Fukuzawa notices and develops suspicious of a man in a suit. When Fukuzawa calms him down, the youngster expresses his pent-up terror for the people nearby, labelling them as monsters he cannot understand.

In view of the fact that Ranpo was initially able to infer Fukuzawa’s prior employment as an assassin and identify the play’s murderer at once, Fukuzawa inquires of Ranpo during the play’s interval as to whether his parents had ever informed him that he is highly talented. In essence, he asks the youngster if he has ever believed that those around him are foolish fools, and Ranpo replies that he has.

Then Fukuzawa declares that Ranpo is a user of unique abilities and gives him what he describes as special spectacles that can help him regulate his power. Fukuzawa lets out a yell to get Ranpo to put on the glasses despite his protests about their nature, which turn out to be dead stock from a store. He also adds that the people around him are not monsters but rather simply stupider than him, similar to naive kids. Ranpo, whose face is tinged with understanding, happily exclaims that he would save others around him and urges Fukuzawa to come back to the theatre so that they can try to stop the murder from happening.

As the performance comes to a close, Murakami is unexpectedly pierced onstage, which Fukuzawa notes isn’t in keeping with the plot. He confirms that the blood is genuine and tells the spectators to remain seated. Fukuzawa, who is conducting the inquiry, finds that the suit-wearing guy had left his seat during the incident, prompting him to anxiously search for Ranpo and declare that the detective, regardless of his brilliance, must be armed. Egawa discloses that there are two murderers—as Ranpo had warned her—during his investigation, and he promises to come clean.

The play’s protagonist, Ranpo, introduces himself to the audience as a brilliant excellent investigator and surmises that the play is all about reversal, similar to how the victim is the attacker and the suit-wearing man, who is presumed to be the attacker, is actually the victim. Ranpo, with the aid of Egawa, reveals to the crowd the identity of the suit-clad guy who is bound and unconscious behind the curtains. Murakami, who is called out, rises on stage while still alive and reveals that he has extracted his blood and used other techniques to make his performance seem realistic.

Murakami reveals that his ultimate goal is to portray death in order to attain the summit of acting, which he was able to do, albeit prematurely. This play was planned together with the playwright Kurahashi. Murakami believes that he was only playing for himself and turns himself in to the police after Ranpo compliments his talent but draws attention to the audience’s faked confused response.

In the moments that follow, Fukuzawa makes vain attempts to convince Ranpo that he did not employ any special abilities in his deduction. The two are subsequently greeted by a police officer who commends them for solving the case before requesting them to complete the paperwork related to police job. After finishing the cleanup with Egawa, Fukuzawa agrees to go and asks the officer to take Ranpo to the station before him.

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When Fukuzawa asks Murakami in the middle of the credits who the man in the suit is, the actor responds that Kurahashi instructed him that the man was the other goal of the entire production and a target to be captured. Kurahashi was assassinated in a sealed room not long after, the police captain informed Fukuzawa. Ranpo asks the officer in the police car if they have arrived at the station yet, and the officer replies concisely that they will soon there.

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