Builder Base 2.0 will have fewer, more powerful troops with active triggered abilities, according to Clash of Clans

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By Naman Alok | Feb 9, 2023 | 3 Min Read follow icon Follow Us


Clash Of Clans team’s having a fun one so far as we’ve been playtesting some prototypes of our Builder Base 2.0 rework. I thought it would be cool when Darian wasn’t looking to give you a sneak peek at some of the rework and also talk a bit about how the Clash team works. One of the best parts of the current Builder Base is the focused tactical fun feeling of the gameplay there. With our rework we wanted to see how we could increase that even more. Alex, one of our game designers, and Simião, one of our game programmers, have been working for a few weeks together on this. They’ve been trying out two main things: having fewer stronger troops and giving more troops active triggered abilities. Builder Base 2.0 will have fewer, more powerful troops with active triggered abilities, according to Clash of Clans

In the first half of this year, the Builder Base 2.0 upgrade is planned to be published. The programmers are currently putting new ideas into practise and creating prototypes in order to get ready for the following significant update. Builder Base 2.0 prototypes have recently been playtested, and the devs have now released some early looks at those prototypes. New concepts like fewer, more powerful troops and actively activated abilities are included in these prototypes.

Builder Base will be more fun to play tactically thanks to Supercell

Supercell has already disclosed their comprehensive plan for the Builder Base 2.0 redesign. By highlighting the game’s great features while ignoring its drawbacks, the developers want to give Builder Base users a novel experience that they will appreciate more. Three important difficulties that are now plaguing the Builder Base have already been addressed by the developers, and these concerns will be resolved in the upcoming release. The restriction on employing greater originality in attacks on the higher builder halls is one of them.

The developers have also addressed the issue of insufficient prizes, which players frequently experience once a game is over. The previous blog post covered the large amount of randomness that is present in the Builder Base’s verse clashes. Overall, the creators have stated that there won’t be any vs matches in Builder Base 2.0.

Playtesting has already begun on new prototypes that include two new aspects

Stuart, the lead developer for the Clash of Clans game, returned this week with new information regarding the Builder Base 2.0 update. It was made known that they were beta testing different versions of the redesigned Builder Base 2.0. There are now two potential changes that the devs are working on, including making the troops less powerful and giving them more active triggered abilities.

However, a Supercell employee, u/Darian CoC, just posted a disclaimer on Reddit stating that they are still prototypes being tested and may not ultimately make it into the finished product.

The developers claim that using fewer, more powerful troops in an attack will make combat less repetitive and give players more freedom to be creative. To make the army more valiant, the creators also intend to reduce the number of soldiers participating in the conflict. To do this, they are experimenting with new features that give troops active, hero-like skills.

Supercell has also stated on their blog that the rework is still in its very early phases of development and that the firm is not concentrating on making everything totally flawless at this time. They are presently seeking to ascertain whether or not these additions will increase player enjoyment of the game. After everything is determined, the Supercell team will devote all of its attention to the new features and make sure they are polished before incorporating them into the game.