Boruto manga Chapter 76 'A Girls' Sanctuary' overview

Boruto is confused by the visions. Momoshiki notes that Boruto saw fragments of the same thing he saw. Recalling Momoshiki's previous words, he wonders if they're visions of the future.

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The series is an official continuation of the Naruto series by Masashi Kishimoto. Shueisha asked Kishimoto to create a sequel, however, he refused and suggested his assistant Mikio Ikemoto serve as an illustrator. Ukyo Kodachi, who co-wrote Boruto: Naruto the Movie, came onto the project as a writer. The story starts 15 years after the Fourth Shinobi World War. The most recent and exciting chapter of Boruto manga, Chapter 76, is released. Boruto manga Chapter 76 ‘A Girls’ Sanctuary’ overview

Boruto manga Chapter 76, ‘A Girls’ Sanctuary’ overview

Boruto is confused by the visions. Momoshiki notes that Boruto saw fragments of the same thing he saw. Recalling Momoshiki’s previous words, he wonders if they’re visions of the future. Amado confirms what Naruto understood from his goal. Shikamaru asks Ada about Akebi’s personality, and if she might be hostile to Konoha. Ada finds it a strange question but confirms she seemed normal, and not at all like Delta. Amado says he’s not even a shinobi and has no world-topping goals. 

Shikamaru finds it anti-climatic but understands it as a parent. Since it doesn’t endanger Konoha, Naruto won’t interfere in matters between Kawaki and Amado but asks why Amado said nothing about it before. Amado answers that it was none of their business and that there was nothing they could do to help. He wanted to push things carefully because Kawaki hates Kāma. Kawaki confirms this, having wanted to get rid of it because he considered Kāma as the source of all that happened to him, but he now understands the Ōtsutsuki who embedded it into him are the ones to blame. They wouldn’t also have threatened Naruto’s life. He asks Amado if the process would turn Akebi into a Ōtsutsuki. He confesses he doesn’t know, and exhausted, considers it his last resort. Ada says she’s tired and asks to call it a day. They agree, and she says they’ll talk again tomorrow. At night, Boruto thinks about Momoshiki’s warning again. The next day, during a meal, Boruto asks why Ada picked Kawaki if he’s also an eligible Ōtsutsuki. Daemon teases Boruto, who has to control himself not to trigger Daemon’s ability. 

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Ada explains she finds Boruto too young for her, Daemon further teasing him. Kawaki asks her about using Code and his partnership to get close to him, understanding that Code didn’t go after him in deference to her. He deduces that she sold Boruto out to Code for the agreement. Ada blushes through it all, elated that Kawaki used her name. Daemon gives him a backhanded compliment on his intelligence. Kawaki thinks all those who want things from him are scum, Daemon threatens to attack him, and Boruto thinks he is in the worst situation. Ada slams her hands on the table and declares there aren’t enough girls, so she can’t express herself properly. She checks with the Senrigan and asks for Sarada and Sumire to join them. Sarada prepares to go, and Konohamaru advises Mitsuki against joining, pointing out how he was strongly affected by Ada’s entrance. 

Delta tries to join, but Sumire threatens to shut her down again. Shikadai offers to join over his earlier resistance, having gotten permission from his father. When they meet, Shikadai is affected, and Ada asks him to go home. Sarada deduces that his earlier resistance was on account of not seeing her face well. Sarada notices Sumire uneasiness when Ada welcomes them and invites them to talk away from the boys. Boruto watches them from a distance as Daemon and Kawaki trade insults. Ada tells the girls how Kawaki makes her feel. Sarada finds her focus on love stupid and lies that everyone must feel it when Ada asks her opinion. Sumire asks Ada what she likes about Kawaki, and she answers she doesn’t quite know, beyond not being affected by her ability. Through the mind link, Sumire asks Sarada not to react and asks if she’s not affected by Ada’s entrance. Looking past the tension, Sarada notices she’s not, Sumire adding that she’s not affected either, and they wonder why. 

She warns Sarada not to let Ada realise this, as their immunity means they can attack her, telling her to act as if affected. Ada asks Sarada her opinion about Boruto, and she passes off the hesitation as symptoms of the entrancing. Ada resents her ability even robbing her of the possibility of real friends. Sumire contacts Shikamaru, informing him of their discovery. Boruto defeats Daemon in video games. Shikamaru tells Sumire not to let Daemon realise it either, and advises against informing Boruto and Kawaki, making it harder to leak accidentally. 

Sarada attempts to befriend Ada. If Konoha ever decides that Ada is an enemy, Shikamaru points out it might be necessary to take her down. Boruto hears Momoshiki’s thoughts realising the identity of Ada’s entrancing ability. Momoshiki refuses to share when Boruto asks for details. Kawaki realises from Boruto’s expression that he’s communicating with Momoshiki, and addresses Momoshiki himself, telling him to come out.

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