BMPS Season 1 Team XO Group, Lineup, Strategies, rotations | Analysis

They have 5 players in their lineup-- Sensei (The IGL), Punk (Assaulter), Fierce (Assaulter), Snax (Assaulter), and Immortal (Assaulter).

BMPS Season 1 is going to start today and the spot light is on Team XO, who has been doing exceptionally well under the leadership of IGL XO Sensei. The team performed brilliantly on Day 2 of round 4 and came in #2 in overall point standings with 84 points which include 37 finish points and 47 placement points. Team XO is led by (IGL) sensei, currently. They have 5 players in their lineup– Sensei (The IGL), Punk (Assaulter), Fierce (Assaulter), Snax (Assaulter), and Immortal (Assaulter). Let’s have a detailed look at BMPS Season 1 Team XO Group, Lineup, Strategies, Rotations.

BMPS Season 1 Team XO Lineup, Strategies, Rotations | Analysis

Drop Location

Team XO like to drop at Mylta compounds in Erangel and from there on, they search for vehicles and make a move according to the zone. It is easier to travel from there if the zone head towards Military Base or even towards the main island. In Miramar, southern Los Leones and its split compounds but sometimes they surprise all their opponents with their unexpected drop shift, like they did in BGIS finals. When the zone goes to the south military base then Sensei change his drop to Novo bridge split compounds so it all depends on Sensei’s mind.


The rotation of team XO is different and unique compared to all other T1 teams. They rotate on a regular 3-1 split but here’s a twist that makes XO rotations different to all other teams in BGMI sensei is always takes a 300-400mtr split from his other 3 teammates because of this strategy one of them is always in under the safe zone and they take the zone more easily. That’s Why I said their rotation strategy is different from others.

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BMPS Season 1 Team XO Group, Rotation (IGL Mindset)

They always take fights in 2-1-1 or 2-2 splits since they play in a dynamic play style, this playstyle is based on real-time matches the situation and team decisions. Some teams follow their regular fight engagement strategies. But XO engage their fights in multiple strategies, sometimes they engage 2-2 split in this split 2 teammate push on opponents and rest 2 they are providing cover for them, and 2-1-1 is slightly risky technique because in this splits the team in two directions– 2 teammate pushing in the same style but 1 teammate is taking flank to make an off-angle on the opponent, in this style. The risk is that the 1 player who flanks sometimes gets beaten by the other team but it depends on the player how he is flanking. As far as XO is concerned, they have conquered this technique. The fighting skills of all his teammates are top-notch.

Numbers Of Third Party By Team XO

The third team that takes advantage of 2 team fight, it’s is called the third party engagement to enrol in that fight so they can get the benefit of kill points. Team XO’s third-party engagements are less as compared to other teams because they mainly prefer zone, not fights that’s why xo only engage on average of 1-2 third party in their matches.

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