BMOC Round 4 Group 4 Day 4 Teams, Schedule, Map Order, Day 3 Points Table, Overview, Where to Watch, Live Stream Details

The Battlegrounds Mobile Open Challenge (BMOC) Round 4 concludes today. Given the previous three days’ performances, fans can expect today’s matches to be even more exciting. The final batch (Group 4) of 16 teams will meet today for six matches, with the top six moving on to BMPS and the rest being eliminated from the event. BMOC Round 4 Group 4 Day 4 Teams, Schedule, Map Order, Day 3 Points Table, Overview, Where to Watch, Live Stream Details

Map order of BMOC Round 4 Day 4

The first match will take place on Erangel, followed by matches on Miramar’s desert map and Sanhok’s rainforest map. The fourth match will be played in Erangel later, followed by Miramar. The tournament’s final match will take place on Erangel and will begin around 9:00 PM.

Match 1 – 5:12 PM – Erangel

Match 2 – 5:53 PM – Miramar

Match 3 – 6:41 PM – Sanhok

Match 4 – 7:33 PM – Erangel

Match 5 – 8:22 PM – Miramar

Match 6 – 9:03 PM – Erangel

Teams playing in the Group 4

1. TSM

2. Celtz

3. FS Esports

4. Chicken Rushers

5. Hyderabad Hydras

6. Team Forever

7. R Esports

8. Nigma Galaxy

9. Endless

10. OPT Rising

11. Team Mist

12. Redemption crew

13. Solitude

14. BurnX

15. ACBC

16. Kinetic

BMOC Round 4 Group 3 overall standings

OR Esports – 97 points
WSF Esports- 71 points
Walkouts – 63 points
UP50 – 57 points
7Sea – 54 points
Marcos Gaming- 52 point
Team Currency- 48 points
Cractic Esports – 48 points
Insane Esports – 43 points
Skylightz Gaming- 38 points
Reckoning Esports- 35 points
Aslaaa Esports – 30 points
Team Glacier- 27 points
Team 8Bit – 25 points
Team Xspark- 18 points
Team Bravery – 11 points

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BMOC Group 3 overview

Day 3 started with WSF Esports taking control in the first match played at Erangel. He won the Chicken Dinner with 11-finished points, collecting a total of 26 points in his first match. Aditya of UP50 helped his team to finish second, while Team Currency finished third with 4 frags. Skylights Gaming scored a total of eight points, including four eliminations. Team XSpark had very poor opening matches as they only got two points.

And OR Esports had a bad first match, they dominated the second match, beating UP50 and Skylightz Gaming in their final fight. And Jelly lead the team with 11-finished points with all four players alive and Won the match. The UP50, Skylightz, and WSF achieved six eliminations each, placing second, third, and fourth, respectively.

The final circle of the third match was formed near the Paradise Resort in Sanhok, where underdogs team Asla Esports emerged victorious in the match with 11 eliminations. 7Sea Esports made their comeback in this match (even after two bad matches) to finish second. Team 8bit and Skylights Gaming were able to score 12 and 6 points respectively.

Team Currency won the match by securing 13 eliminations in the fourth match. Team Walkouts featured passive gameplay as they finished second with a single elimination. Team Glacier managed to achieve 10 eliminations, while Team Insane secured 5 finish points.

OR Esports took their second Chicken Dinner on the Miramar map after winning a 1 vs 1 fight against WSF Esports. Team Reckoning put on an amazing performance and finished third with 8 finishes. Skylights Gaming and Team XSpark, once again, failed to survive and were eliminated with 3 and 2 points respectively. The walkouts captured the final match with 6 kills. Or came out at the top of the esports match standings, finishing second with 12 frags. It was the end of the road for some experienced teams as they failed to secure a spot in the top six of the overall standings.

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