Blue Lock Manga Gets New Prologue Novel Focusing on Aryu, Barou, and Yukimiya Characters

The Blue Lock manga series is getting a new light novel titled "Blue Lock: Tatakai no Mae, Bokura wa. Aryu, Barou, Yukimiya," which will serve as a prologue exploring the backstories of the characters Aryu, Barou, and Yukimiya before the events of the main series.

Blue Lock Prologue (Credits: Kodansha)
By Saheel Khirodkar | May 16, 2024 | 4 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

Readers who are hooked to the intriguing sports manga series “Blue Lock” will not wait for long to get something more exciting. A certain light novel named “Blue Lock: Tatakai no Mae, Bokura wa. Aryū, Barō, Yukimiya” (Before the Fight, We are Aryu, Barō, Yukimiya) has been released and it will go on sale by July 17. This novel was written by Momo Moegi and Yūsuke Nomura, the original manga’s illustrator, who also garnered exclusive material for this one. And so, with this novel, fans can have a chance to see a behind-The-scenes line-up of the characters Aryū, Barō, and Yukimiya with their separate backstories. Furthermore, apart from that, in this book, exclusive pictures have been integrated to boost the reading experience.

Everything You Need to Know About the Upcoming Blue Lock Prologue Novel

The “Blue Lock” manga, made by Muneyuki Kaneshiro and Yūsuke Nomura is a big hit with its extraordinary storyline that features the Japan national team’s never-ending quest for the light and quick dribbling ace striker in Japanese football. As much as the Blue Lock’s success in the print media, the anime version is also successful allowing people to watch it on Crunchyroll as it aired in 2022 in Japan. Even though the second season and an anime film adaptation are already in the pipeline, fans now can travel once again to the world of “Blue Lock” through a new light novel.

The prologue, written prior to the main series of the youth, will address the personages of Aryū, Barō, and Yukimiya, the three among many young beleaguered players picked to partake in the Blue Lock project. Through getting an insight into the past and motives of them, readers will grasp the idea that they’ve become the basic characters of the “Blue Lock” universe.

Exploring the Characters’ Pasts

Blue Lock’s main arc revolves around current players and schools that have a common vision for a national team. To acknowledge how they fed themselves at one some stage of their successful careers an example could be given how they lived on sandwiches when they were young adults. This can include supporters and fans as well those players who are committed to the goal of training so that they may creatively express the side of their characters and equally to the other. Writers will then be able to let the readers in on what pushes these characters to do their best and what role their past experiences have had on their game approaches.

In addition, besides discussing the short stories, the unique things they own may also allow the readers to deeply understand the characters. Custom drawings and designs that relate directly to the novel and the characters will point that is in chief. Fans may find certain characters are going to be drawn only in various surroundings and the variants could be used from all characters as well as the ones they (with the perfect animacy) talk about.

Expanding the Blue Lock Universe

The release of the “Blue Lock” prologue novel is a testament to the growing popularity and depth of the series. By exploring the pasts of key characters, the novel not only adds depth to the existing narrative but also opens up new avenues for storytelling within the “Blue Lock” universe. Fans can anticipate a richer and more immersive experience as they delve deeper into the world of these talented young players.

The “Blue Lock” franchise continues to captivate audiences worldwide with the upcoming second season of the anime and the feature film adaptation, the prologue novel serves as an exciting addition to the expanding universe. Fans, on the other hand, are able to expound their way of thinking about the series by providing them with deeper understanding and involving them in the plot.

Final Thoughts

The revelation of the “Blue Lock: Tatakai no Mae, Bokura wa. Aryū, Barō, Yukimiya” and the whereabouts of the groups during the battle novel will also be very exciting for the fans of the series. Fans will get a chance to learn more about these characters by looking back at some segments of their past. One of the series’ most liked characters and a tree boarding is materialized by this prologue novel. A deep dissertation on the expensive quality of the anime and some other multimedia adaptations of the material presented, is also expressed in this prologue novel which is a proof of the depth and richness of the science fiction world born out of Kaneshiro’s and Nomura’s hands. Despite being excited about the forthcoming July 17 release date, fans would never wish to have been disappointed as this would lead to the unwavering commitment to their vast array of “Blue Lock” collection.

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