Black dye Minecraft: How to make black dye in Minecraft

For Minecraft players who want to have dark color schemes, the black dye will be their go-to option.

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In Minecraft, there are several dyes that players can choose from to assist in their options for decorations. For players who want to have dark color schemes, the black dye will be their go-to option; however, the ingredients for the said dye will be among one of the more difficult ones to accomplish.

We have listed down the ways players can use to create such a dye, the items they will need to create it, and how to make the best use of them. Players should note that Minecraft 360 Edition does not support the black dye.

Minecraft Versions Supporting Black Dye

  • Java Edition
  • Bedrock Edition
  • Playstation Edition
  • Education Edition
  • Pocket Edition

Materials Required To Make Black Dye

As mentioned above, the ingredients needed to make black dye isn’t going to be very easy. Players will need one of them. These ingredients are:

  • Ink Sac
  • Wither Rose

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How To Make Black Dye

Ink sacs can be obtained by going to the ocean biomes; however, obtaining a wither rose will be more complicated. Players will see a wither rose is not an item that can be found in the conventional sense. It can only be acquired after an enemy is killed by a wither. This means players will have to set up a specific scenario for that to happen in their favor.

If players don’t want this hassle, they can always get the flower through the creative mode item list. If players are set on playing survival and don’t want to switch over to creative mode, they have the option to summon the flower via console commands. They can use this command: “/gave @s wither_rose”

How to Use Black Dye

Using black dye, players can change the complexion for several items that are considered blank slates. For instance:

  • Black Carpet
  • Black Concrete Powder
  • Black Terracotta 

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