BGMI UC purchase: Best items to get with UC in Jan 2022

BGMI has witnessed immense popularity since it came out in July 2021.

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BGMI has witnessed immense popularity since it came out in July 2021. Players who stopped playing after PUBG Mobile got banned in India have returned to BGMI with their old inventory. Players also got their Unknown Cash (UC) back and started buying different items and cosmetics.

As of January 2022, there are many items in BGMI that can be gained using UC While some items enable players to upgrade their weapons or vehicles, other cosmetics such as outfits and skins add prestige to the inventory. Here are the best items that can be obtained using UC.


Materials are pretty rare in BGMI and they can be used to upgrade guns available in the game. However, materials aren’t available to free of cost. Players who wish to spend a lot of UC can get a lot of materials that can currently be found in the Battlegrounds Lucky Crate.

Reindeer Ghillie AKM

This item is available in the Forest Treasure spin. Players willing to spend a lot of UC on weapon skins should try it for sure. The legendary skin is designed as per the Reindeer Ghillie outfit which is also present in the same spin.

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Avalanche X-Suit

The Avalanche X-Suit is the fourth X-Suit to appear in the game after Golden Pharaoh, Blood Raven, and Poseidon. The Avalanche X-Suit reaches its final form when players upgrade it to Level 6. Since it falls in the rarest category of cosmetics in the game and only a few players possess it, UC can be used to get hold of the X-Suit.

Royale Pass

BGMI offers the Royale Pass in two types. The Elite Pass can be obtained for 360 UC, and the Elite Pass Plus variant is available for 960 UC. Players can either get the current C1S3 M6 Royale Pass or the next Royale Pass that will arrive after Jan 17.

Arctic Witch Set

The Arctic Witch Set is a permanent item that is only available from a Custom Crate. Since mythic items are rare to get hold of, players will have to spend a lot of UC to get the outfit. While one Custom Crate in BGMI can be opened for 60 UC, players can open a bundle of 10 Custom Crates using 540 UC.

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