BGMI tips and tricks: How to win Mirror World modes easily

Mirror World is the name of the new themed mode, which showcases PUBG Mobile's huge partnership with Arcane.

BGMI 1.7 Update Release Date is expected to be 20th November (Credits: Krafton)

For Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) players, the 1.7 update added a new themed mode. The update has come to the rescue of the players, as it promises a safer gaming experience as well as a more reliable security system that will keep hackers out of the mobile game.

Mirror World is the name of the new themed mode, which showcases PUBG Mobile’s huge partnership with Arcane. Krafton Inc.’s developers have added a slew of incentives based on Mirror World Mode.

The only three maps that have been redesigned based on the mode are Erangel, Sanhok, and Livik. This mode has piqued the interest of many players, who are attempting to win matches in the BGMI Mirror World.

BGMI tips and tricks to win Mirror World modes easily

1) Land on the flying island while playing squads

The flying island in BGMI’s Mirror World themed map is evocative of the flying temple in PUBG Mobile’s ‘Pharaoh Rises’ mode from 2020. The flying island in Mirror World, on the other hand, is a more popular drop.

Due to the abundance of loot on the flying island, multiple squads have descended on the location. The flying island allows a player to become accustomed to hot drops and early battles. This helps to increase their self-esteem. In BGMI themed mode matches, this confidence leads the players to easy victories.

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It should be mentioned that BGMI players who are vanquished on the floating island are sent to the main area, where they must survive. On the other hand, the finish raises the island count.

2)Proper use of shields and blue crystals

On the Mirror World map in BGMI, riot shields may come in helpful en way to easy victories. A player can use the riot shield to take cover or heal during a fight, depending on their needs.

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Mirror World’s blue gems are extremely important. When the players require supplies, such as ammo, medication, gear, or weapons, they can utilise blue crystals to summon a supply drop.

3) Look for out enemies near the Mirror World portal

Eliminating foes on their way to the Mirror World is one of the wittiest methods to win in the Mirror World mode. When the countdown reaches zero, Mirror World opens, and players rush towards the portal in an attempt to turn into heroes.

A swarm of players rush to the gateway, and one who stands watch from distance can easily pick up kills. This not only improves their finish scores, but it also gives them fewer opponents and greater gear in exchange for a ‘Chicken Dinner.’

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