BGMI solo vs squad: how to survive solo vs squad situations in BGMI

BGMI updates bring a new season, which makes for a great opportunity for several rank pushers to push their ranks.

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BGMI brings new updates for its players at intervals marking the end of a specific period in the game. Most of the time, these updates bring a new season, which makes for a great opportunity for several rank pushers to push their ranks.

However, many of the famous players prefer Solo vs Squad even during a rank push. We have listed some survival tips in Solo vs Squad situations in BGMI:

Don’t get in a fight unless necessary

Survival points are very important during the rank push in the game. Players should avoid getting into fights unnecessarily. This plays a key role when the rank pusher gets stuck in Solo vs Squad situations. Despite getting many kills in the match, an early exit will end in them losing points which must be avoided.

Make use of utilities

The use of utilities has been popular with the surge in BGMI Esports after the popular META in matches. While utilities can knock some opponents, rank pushers can change a 1v4 situation to a 1v2 situation, giving them a better chance at clinching the match.

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Don’t forget to take cover

Taking cover increases the chances of winning the match. In Solo vs Squad situations, rank pushers must try to take fights from covers that will give enemies little vision to shoot at them. In 1v4 fights, rank pushers shouldn’t rush at opponents as it is easier to take out enemies from covers than out in open.

Pick the best weapon combination

Guns are an integral part of battle royale games such as BGMI. Players have their own preferences when it comes to picking guns. However, in Solo vs Squad situations, the preferences can change accordingly. Weapons that have a high-damage capacity, low recoil, and take less time to reload are the most preferred guns in such situations.

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