BGMI sensitivity settings: how to increase headshot accuracy

BGMI players should know how to increase the headshot accuracy, in order to win the matches.

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BGMI is one of the most played games in the battle royale genre. In the BR mode, players need to survive till the end to win the “Chicken Dinner.” Battles can be won easily by hitting opponents’ heads, damaging and killing them with one shot. However, players should know how to increase the headshot accuracy, in order to win the matches.

How to increase headshot accuracy in BGMI?

Keep gyroscope on

With the help of a gyrosensor, BGMI players can shift aim by just moving their phones. Gyroscope doubles as a performance enhancer and many popular players and streamers have proved the sensor’s ability in taking headshots.

Change sensitivity settings

Sensitivity is really important for combat in BGMI. Players should set their own sensitivity settings as per their preferred weapons. Players tweaking sensitivity settings with less recoil will be able to take headshots with more accuracy.

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Keep aim assist on

This feature allows players to perform much better in fights than those who don’t use it. The feature helps in shifting the aim to enemies’ heads, increasing the accuracy of the headshots. However, it’s important to know that BGMI Esports players are good to play without the feature, but for classic players, it’s better to turn it on.

Practice is must

Practice makes a player perfect, and the same goes for BGMI players. The game has a training ground where players can polish their skills, be it movement or gun skills. Players can try out different gun combinations to improve their headshot accuracy.

Posture is important

Experienced players of BGMI know how important posture is for the game. Prone players tend to have better and stable sprays than standing players. This is due to a stable body posture that helps players to take headshots accurately. Get the latest from by following us on InstagramTwitter and YouTube.

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