BGMI 1st Anniversary lucky Crate is here Things about this Lucky crate you need to know

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) introduces new outfits, gun skins, backpack skins and helmet skins in lucky crates, lucky spin treasure spins periodically to enhance the player’s battle royal experience. Recently they introduced a new 1st Anniversary lucky crate. The craze for this new 1st Anniversary crate among the players has been massive. However, all players are trying their luck to get these new 1st Anniversary crate items in their hands. So, let’s talk about these outfits, skins and much more. BGMI New Winged Cavalry lucky crate is here Things about this Lucky crate you need to know

About 1st Anniversary Crate

Every month BGMI introduce a new luck crate, this lucky crate’s single draw cost is 18UC on the first draw of the day after the first draw single draw cost is 60UC, and the 10 draw crate cost is 540UC. The crate has more items like Traditional Golden Groom Cover, Traditional Golden Groom AKM, Traditional Golden Backpack and Ornate Engraving Helmet all these four items are Legendary.

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Let’s take a look at 1st Anniversary lucky Crate Items

Traditional Golden Groom Set

If players like Indian Traditional designs, then players can go for the Traditional Golden Groom Set. Any male BGMI character can wear this golden with red colour Traditional menswear set. This set looks like an Indian groom.

Traditional Golden Backpack

The prize pool in lucky crates has several backpack skins that boast beautiful designs. However, the Traditional Golden skin has a unique white and red-coloured traditional gift design which makes it stand apart from others. The gift bag-like design is the highlight of the backpack on all three levels available.

Desert Rose Set

After a beautiful backpack skin, the next reward on the list is the Desert Rose Set, which is also quite difficult to claim due to its rarity. The red and golden colour outfit set has an Indian Traditional appeal because of the Traditional groom design. the Desert Rose Set is the best choice if the players want to look unique in the game lobby.

Traditional Golden Groom AKM

The Traditional Golden Groom AKM skin is a great collectable to unlock from lucky crates from Battlegrounds Mobile India. The Golden Groom AKM has a red and golden colour texture with a Traditional Golden design.

Ornate Engraving Helmet

Another impressive and Traditional looking collectable on this list is the Ornate Engraving helmet. Protective gear skin is extremely attractive when combined with the outfit sets mentioned earlier on this list. The helmet has an Indian Traditional design on all three levels available.
So go and try your luck who knows you are the lucky one who gets this outfit and skin in a minimum investment of UC good luck with your lucky crate.

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