BGMI M5 Royal Pass: Release date, rewards and price

. The BGMI M5 Royal Pass could be released anytime between November 19th and November 21st

BGMI M5 Royal Pass will come on 19th November, 2021. (Credits: In-game screenshot)

The most popular and well-liked Battlegrounds Mobile India is fantastic news for gamers. This online multiplayer battle royale game has risen through the ranks to become one of India’s most popular combat royale games. Many events and tournaments are available in the game, offering players or gamers the opportunity to earn prizes and incentives. The BGMI M5 Royale Pass is one such incredible and awaited reward. For gamers/players, the battle pass will deliver a slew of goodies and enhancements. Let’s learn more about this royal pass, therefore please read this entire blog from beginning to end.

Krafton, a game publisher, has a reputation for preserving the gaming spirit. As a result, the BGMI M5 Pass should commence shortly after the M4 Royal Pass concludes. The BGMI M5 Royal Pass could be released anytime between November 19th and November 21st, for all we know right now. Furthermore, the release date is ideal, as it falls on the weekend, allowing gamers and players to get their hands on the new royale pass as soon as it becomes available.

Price of BGMI M5 Royal Pass

Gamers will have to pay some UC for the Royal Pass. For those who are unaware, the battle royale pass includes a variety of awards, skins, and other goodies. This will need the expenditure of UC, which is an in-game currency. According to rumours, the Elite Royal Pass for the BGMI M5 Royal Pass will likely cost around 360 UC. The Elite Plus Royal Pass will set you back about 960 UC.

Rewards and skins 

As previously stated, the BGMI M5 Royal Pass can be used to obtain a variety of upgrades, skins, and incentives. The new royal pass is set to be released in India, including goodies such as AKM Gun Skin, Helmet Skin, Parachute Skin, Pistol Skin, and New Backpack. These bonuses will enhance one’s game experience.

Furthermore, the Royal Pass is expected to introduce a new violet-colored ScarL skin. Players can use this new violet colour on their backpack skins and all tiers of helmets. More information will be available in the following days when Krafton makes an official announcement.

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