BGMI M4 royale pass is now live, check out how to buy it, rewards and more

To obtain the pass, players must spend 360 UC.

BGMI M4 royale pass season started on 18th October, 2021. (Credits: In-game screenshot)

Battlegrounds Mobile India has already started with a new royale pass season and BGMI Royal Pass M4 details are out, along with the 50 RP reward. Players were eagerly anticipating the new pass after a fantastic month. You’ll find all the information you need about the game’s release dates, rewards, price, and more right here.

The in-game rewards in Battlegrounds Mobile India are always intriguing. Finally, we have gotten a new royale pass. BGMI releases a fresh update for the players once a month. This month is no exception. However, the BGMI Royale Pass M4 is not available for free. To obtain the pass, players must spend 360 UC. Players who want to purchase Elite Royal Pass Plus must pay 960 UC. However, there is an in-game voucher available that can cut down the cost of both the royale passes by 60 UC.

BGMI M4 Royale Pass Rewards

According to information, those who purchase BGMI M4 RP will receive the following benefits.

  • Chrono Cyborg Set
  • Chrono Cyborg AKM
  • The Chrono Cyborg Cover
  • Chrono Cyborg Helmet
  • Chrono Cyborg Parachute (will be available in the free pass)
  • Emote – Bunny Dance (will be available in the free pass)
  • RP Avatar (M4)
  • Mouse Trap UAZ
  • Glacial Stroll Outfit (will be available in the free pass)
  • Ivory Knight Ornament
  • Emote – Mecha Bruiser
  • Pinpoint Slaughter – Skorpion (will be available in the free pass)
  • Footlong – Mini14
  • Mecha Bruiser Set
  • Mecha Bruiser Cover

The BGMI Royale Pass Month 3 ended on October 17th, and the BGMI Royale Pass Month 4 began on October 18th. Players eagerly anticipated the release of the new royale pass, which will get them access to rare perks and goodies.

BGMI iOS launch, wait is finally over

Battlegrounds Mobile India is finally here for iOS users. While the news is elating for many, people have been having a hard time finding the BGMI iOS download link. Battlegrounds Mobile India is a newly launched battle royale title. It has come in the place of now banned PUBG Mobile.

Players had been waiting for two months for the game to launch. It finally has. Battlegrounds Mobile India tweeted the news to its fans, and the players were elated by the news of the game’s return.

“We have released BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA on IOS today! Happy Playing!,” Aneesh Aravind, Publishing head, Krafton Inc wrote in a LinkedIn post.

After the 50 million download milestone on Android devices, Krafton had promised Battlegrounds Mobile India iOS launch. Needless to say, the wait was long, but the excitement in the minds and hearts of people is endless.

It took about 47 days since the official launch of the game, for the BGMI iOS launch to take place. Krafton has started teasing the launch of the title on its social media, but there was no official word. However, Krafton did mention that players will be informed about the Battlegrounds Mobile India iOS launch via social media.

How to download BMGI for iOS and Android

Though downloading the game should not be a tough task, players have been reporting that the game is not found on the Apple Store. If you’re are faced with the same, click on this BGMI iOS download link. Players can go to the Google Play Store to download the game for Android.

Early Hints and leaks

In a now-deleted post, Battlegrounds Mobile India updated its patch notes, and said KNOWN ISSUES “Game settings shut down when accessing the season C1S1 menu, some iPad devices.” Just this information is enough to keep the iOS device owners optimistic that the game might launch soon.

Kronten has played a huge part in speculations that were buzzing around during the pre-release state of BGMI. On his Livestream, he shared that he only had information regarding the android version’s official release just a few hours ahead of the launch. Now, in a community update on his official YouTube channel, he said, “It’ll take a while before the game comes on iOS devices. We have to wait for a few more days.”

Krafton’s website support section says that an iOS version of BGMI will indeed be released soon. Popular Esports personalities like Ghatak had earlier said that the game will come on the same as the Android users. That did not happen. Now, while the game is out there for every android user to download, iOS players still haven’t got a clue about a release date.

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