BGMI Lite launch date is close, influencers say "delay but the game would come", no word from officials though

Influencers have been trying to curb the audience's curiosity by assuring them a Lite version of BGMI is going to come really soon.

PUBG Mobile Lite needs some requirements on your PC and Android phone. (Image credit: Twitter)

The launch of BGMI Lite, a simplified version of the BGMI, is one of the most often discussed topics in the Indian mobile gaming community (Battlegrounds Mobile India). BGMI Lite launch date is close, influencers say “delay but the game would come.” There is no word from officials though.

Millions of PUBG Mobile Lite fans around the country have been waiting for this release since their favourite game was banned over a year ago.

However, because the makers have not offered any official confirmation regarding the streamlined variant, there has been a lot of dissatisfaction in the game’s community.

In a recent development, BGMI’s official Discord channel hosted a poll asking fans why they wanted the lite version of the game.

BGMI Lite Launch Date hints?

Influencers have been trying to curb the audience’s curiosity by assuring them a Lite version of BGMI is going to come really soon.

Well-known BGMI influencers have provided fans with much-needed details on the lighter version. Abhijeet “Ghatak” Andhare posted the following on his Instagram account on October 10

“BGMI Lite/ PUBG Lite… It will take time but aayega jaroor”

He further said, in an interview with Sportskeeda that “Players can expect news regarding BGMI Lite by the end of December 2021. They may also receive the good news sooner than that! I am not completely sure about it, but I am positive that BGMI Lite will be released sometime in the future.” This gives nothing but hope to players who have been eagerly waiting for the game’s return.

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Not just that, even tech YouTubers have hinted at the BGMI Lite launch. A YouTuber names Tech Mechanics has explained in a video what he thinks would be the course BGMI Lite’s launch or PUBG Lite’s return to India.

Not just that, Maxtern, who is known for providing leaks to his audience about BGMI’s return, and now, he is providing hope to people who love to play PUBG Lite.

This was almost a month and a half back. He asked his audience if they would like to see BGMI Lite by the end of the year, and the answer was YES!

What can people play?

PUBG: New State, which was recently published and requires 4GB of RAM and Android 6 (Marshmallow) or higher to run, is now Krafton’s most resource-intensive game. Then there’s BGMI, which requires 2GB of RAM and Android 5.1.1 or higher as a minimum. Based on the minimum requirements for PUBG Mobile Lite, a BGMI Lite version might likely run on Android smartphones having at least 786MB of RAM. Players should be cautious of any unofficial URLs that promise to offer the game until an official BGMI Lite version is released, since they could contain malware or other malicious information.

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