BGMI Hola Buddy lucky spin is here: All you need to know about the lucky skin

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) introduces new outfits, gun skins, backpack skins and helmet skins and Pets in lucky create, lucky spin treasure spins periodically to enhance the player’s battle royal experience. Recently they introduced a new Sherlock Holmes teddy bear pet in the lucky spin. The craze for this new Hola Buddy spin among the players has been massive. All players are trying their luck to get this new Teddy Bear Pet Set in their hands. So, let’s talk about this Pets , skins and emotes more. This is the spin collaboration of BGMI and GB Teddy Bear. BGMI Hola Buddy lucky spin is here: All you need to know about the lucky skin.

BGMI Hola Buddy lucky spin is here: All you need to know about the lucky skin

Every month BGMI introduce a new luck spin, this lucky spin’s single spin cost is 10UC on the first spin of the day after the first spin single spin cost is 60UC, and the 10 draw of spin cost is 540UC. Spin has more item like Sherlock Holmes teddy bear, GB teddy bear and Robin hood teddy bear all these three items are Legendary, And this spin also have Buddy Coin for redeeming item that you don’t get from spin.

Let’s take a look a Hola Buddy lucky Spin Items

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Sherlock Holmes Teddy Bear

BGMI launch a new type of pets with the collaboration of GB teddy bear. This is a legend type pet like a teddy bear. As it is Sherlock Holmes teddy Bear it is a detective based pet as can be seen from its outfits and legendry emotes. It has 3 Uncommon, 2 Rare and 3 Legendary Emotes.

GB Teddy Bear

The GB Teddy Bear is also a Legendary Pet. Wearing a Level 3 Helmet and a Neck Tie, the player will get a total of 8 Emotes of which 3 Emotes are Legendary with this pet.

Robin Hood Teddy Bear

Robin Hood Bear pet is exactly like Robin Hood. It also has a arrowhead in its hand. In its Pets too, players get 3 Uncommon, 2 Rare and 3 Legendary Emotes. In which the on guard emote is very funny.


This Pet is just like a baby cat. Which is of gray colour. It has the Cute Kitten Legendary Emot which looks very cute. All the Emotes in Kitten Pet unlock all those Emote Level by Level like you saw in Falcon. Players can upgrade them up to level 5.

Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu is a baby dog ​​pet which is yellow brownish colour. It also has a legendry emote named Ball Chase. Which is very also cute. Its emotes also unlock level by level. Players can upgrade them up to level5.

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