BGMI Custom Room: How To Create Room In BGMI?

This is the BGMI Custom Room:How To Create Room In BGMI step-by-step tutorial. In this article, I’ll walk you through all you need to know about the Custom Room in BGMI so you can play custom matches with the folks you want in the mode you choose.

In random matches, a large number of random players enter in the game, which can be difficult to manage at times and extremely frustrating at others due to the players’ conduct. As a result, some people prefer to play in a private room with persons they choose.

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How To Get Free Room Card In BGMI?

There are a variety of ways to receive a BGMI Room Card for free without investing UC; let’s have a look at all of the free options:

  1. Claim from Royale Pass
  2. Get for free from events
  3. Purchase from Clan Shop with Clan perks [Level 2 Clan]

If you want to purchase a room card in exchange of UC you can do it in following ways

  1. Go to shop

In treasures tap on the Room Card icon.

There are two sorts of room cards available here: Advanced Room Card: 1-Use (100 UC) and Advanced Room Card: 7-Use (200 UC) (500 UC). Choose based on your requirements, but you must first acquire UC.

Tap on the UC button to purchase and use by following the below procedures.

How To Create Room In BGMI?

— Click on Select Mode

— Tap on Room

3) Tap on Create Room (Here you can also join other custom room, some are password protected whereas some are available for free. Filter option is also available to find a custom match in a different mode).

4) Tap on Use

5) Tap on Ok and Click on Create Room

6) Choose Map > Enter Room Name > Select mode (TPP/FPP) > Choose Players > Select Parameter (With/Without Password) and Once everything is ready, tap Create Room

Note: Advanced Room Card: 1-Use can only be used once, and once used, you will not be able to use it again unless you purchase another. Advanced Room Card: 7-Use can be used up to 7 times, so plan ahead when creating bespoke matches.

After you’ve created the room, invite your friends to join or share the room ID and password. This is the whole Battlegrounds Mobile India room guide. If you have any questions or suggestions, please let us know in the comments section below.

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