BGMI BMPS 2022 Week 1 Enigma Gaming Performance Break Down, Stats, Rotations, Drop Locations And More

As we know that BMOC is over and now the era of BMPS has started. In which 24 teams are giving their excellent performance, out of them today we will talk about Team Enigma Gaming. The team is currently holding 5th positions in the over standings for a total of 143 points with 72 placement points and 71 finish points in Day 4 of Week 1 of BMPS. The current roster of Enigma Gaming’s team are 1. Eggy, 2. Evoo , 3. Avii, 4. Rexx . It currently has a 4 man active roster. We’ll talk about BGMI BMPS 2022 Week 1 Enigma Gaming Performance Break Down, Stats, Rotations, Drop Locations And More

BGMI BMPS 2022 Week 1 Enigma Gaming Performance Break Down, Stats, Rotations, Drop Locations And More

Drop Location

Team Enigma Gaming Drop Location in Erangel is Shelter, Masion and Prison Compound. This team in Miramar likes to loot the San Martin and In sanhok map team prefer to loot thao and Tat Mok . They have a lot of knowledge about the whole area, which side the team will go from and how to work on it. But the team drop can be changed by the IGL at any time, it is for the IGL to decide.


We all know that the leader of any team says that IGL is the player who tries his best to lead his team to victory. Similarly, in Team Enigma Gaming, the team IGL does what it takes to win. It is an important task for any team to bring their team’s rotation into the IGL as one mistake can ruin their entire team.

Team Enigma Gaming finished 5th with a total of 143 points on the 4th day of the week 1 of BMPS, showing how well the team is playing in a great position. Team Enigma Gaming’s zone predictions are very good and they prefer to play in the middle of the zone. All players on the team do rotation together after making small splits, but depending on different maps and game situations, teams prefer to play end-to-end.

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Players Performance

Team Enigma Gaming is in 5th place after scoring a total of 143 points in the 4th day of week 1, so it would be wrong to say that the team has a problem in its performance. Although the team still needs to work harder to move up the leaderboard and get a chicken dinner for themselves. Over time the team can still improve its performance. According to the current situation, nothing can be said in advance, because the whole team is trying to give their best.

Enigma Gaming’s mindset through fight engagements

Team Enigma Gaming likes to play aggressively. Because all the players in the team are experienced and play positively. The special thing about Team Enigma Gaming is that they always takes fights with their teammates. In a highly competitive tournament game, the opposing team is very strong and it is not easy to go against them. That’s why all teammates of Enigma Gaming players play their roles well even in fierce battles. All teammates focus on each other’s calls, to be able to beat each team. They know when and which team will fight. All of this is only possible if you rely on your teammates IGL’s calls.

Average number of third party engagements

Engaging in the middle of a fight between any two teams is called a third party. Teams third parties do this so that they can get the advantage of kill points and can work their opponents in the match by eliminating the other team. Talking about Team Enigma Gaming, it does about 1 to 2 third parties in a match. But this is not the case in all matches, it also depends on the situation of the match whether the players have to fight first or prefer the zone.

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