BGMI BMPS 2022 Day 4 Schedule, Teams, Map Order, When And Where To Watch

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BMPS is reaching the end of first week, and the matches are getting tougher by the day. We saw on Day 3 that there was a points chase between Team Soul and Orange Rock where at one point in time, it looked like OR would take over Soul’s top position but Soul fought back and emerged as the table toppers at the end of the Day with 193 point. OR came in second with 181 points, and at the third spot, we have Hyderabad Hydra who have 124 points. BGMI BMPS 2022 Day 4 Schedule, Teams, Map Order, When And Where To Watch

BGMI BMPS 2022 Day 4 Schedule, Teams, Map Order, When And Where To Watch

BGMI BMPS 2022 Day 4 Schedule

Match 1 – Group A vs B – Erangel – 5:12 PM

Match 2 – Group B vs C – Miramar – 5:53 PM

Match 3 – Group A vs C – Sanhok – 6:41 PM

Match 4 – Group A vs C – Erangel – 7:33 PM

Match 5 – Group A vs B – Miramar – 8:22 PM

Match 6 – Group B vs C – Erangel – 9:03 PM

Day 3 Summary

At the end of Day 3, Team Soul retained their top spot with 193 points, and are inching closer to the 200 mark. Not just that, they have a very well maintained finish to placement points ratio. Both of them standing at 98 and 95 points, respectively. Second to Soul is Team OR Esports who have a total of two chicken dinners and 153 points. All in all, after the end of Day 3, there are 6 teams who have crossed the 100 points mark. The underdogs have had an average run today and out of the 6 teams, only FS Esports has been able to get two chicken dinners and 105 points at the end of 17 matches.

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In the last match, Team Soul rose to the competition and were able to get the third chicken on BMPS Week 1. Goblin was the top fragger in this match with a total of 9 kills, damage of 878 and a total survival time of 24 mins and 15 second. In Sanhok, the team came in second to OR Esports with Soul Hector taking the team to the second position with the help of a heal battle and was seen carrying 25 health kits. The match was important from the stand point of placement since Hector took charge of taking the team to that level after 3 players were eliminated when there were 10 teams alive.

When And Where To Watch BMPS 2022 Day 4

All the matches will be live streamed Battlegrounds Mobile India’s YouTube channel from 4:30 PM onwards, and the matches will start from 5:12 PM. Simultaneously, they will also be streamed on Loco. Make sure to watch the stream and support your favourite team.

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