BGMI: Best locations to loot in snowy Vikendi map

The popular Vikendi map has been re-released in the game.

Vikendi was removed after the launch of Karakin. (Credits: PUBG Mobile)

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is a great battle royale game for those looking for a unique survival experience. The popular Vikendi map has been re-released in the game. G36C, Zima, and Snowbike are some of the exclusive weapons and vehicles available to players.

Vikendi was removed from PUBG Mobile on April 7, 2021, with the release of the smaller Karakin map. Tencent didn’t reveal the exact reason for its removal but said the map was taken offline “temporarily.” Over five months later, it’s finally come back in BGMI.

When Karakin was introduced back in April, the snowy map Vikendi was temporarily removed from the game. However, Krafton had assured that the snowy Vikendi will be back in the game after some revamping. Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) has now launched the Vikendi 2.0.

Best drop locations on Vikendi map in BGMI


On the Vikendi map, Podvsoto is one of the densest cities. It contains high-quality loot and gives players a significant zone advantage in most bouts. It’s also in the middle of the map, giving it a better possibility of having the zone transferred to it. It increases the player’s chances of winning the game by increasing the number of kills.


Villa is one of Vikendi’s most popular hot spots, located in the centre of the map. Players can obtain high-quality loot as well as vehicles that can be used to breach secure areas. The sole disadvantage of landing in Villa is the possibility of encountering up to 4-5 other squads. Players that want to rank higher or improve their F/D ratio must use superior strategies.


Cosmodrome is one of the largest towns in the game, with plenty of riches to be had. The location provides a variety of tactical spots where players can hold and eliminate enemy players. Various towers can be used to keep an eye on the enemy’s movements and ambush them. Players can also enter the Cosmodrome’s underground tunnels to boost their chances of survival.


Another amazing place to land in Vikendi for rich treasure and zone advantage is the castle. It is one of the most heavily guarded locations on the map, with only three bridges connecting it to the rest of the world. Players can land here to collect loot, clear out their opponents, and control the three passageways to keep enemy players out.

Dino Park

Dino Park is the third area on the Vikendi map where you can acquire good treasure and a zone advantage. Dino Park is one of the finest areas to hold if the zone switches to the map’s downhill. From the position, players can defeat enemy players in their rotation. Dino Park’s neighbouring compounds have enough loot for a squad.

Karakin replaces Vikendi in PUBG Mobile

With the advent of Karakin in the PUBG Mobile universe, the snowy Vikendi will be discarded from PUBG Mobile. However, this news is not a shocker since it was first dropped from all official PUBG Mobile esports tournaments in the first half of 2021. Official matches that have left go of Vikendi include the spring split of the PUBG Mobile Club Open (PMCO) and the ongoing Pro Leagues (PMPL) around the world. Players are just playing in three maps only– Erangel, Miramar, and Sanhok as opposed to four. 

The makers have not stated any reason for removing Vikendi, but with the number of maps increasing, the step could have been taken to avoid a huge wait time. 

While the snowy mountains of Vikendi have been a part of PUBG Mobile for a while now, and was the fourth map introduced in the game. While Vikendi did enjoy the initial popularity, the three maps– Erangle, Miramar, and Sanhok have constantly enjoyed the larger section of players. In a recent beta version of PUBG Mobile, PUBG creators asked players to test out the new Beta version and its new features– the Demolition Zone and bullet wall penetration.

What does Karakin offer in PUBG Mobile?

Karakin shares its size with Livik, another 2×2 Km map, and has just 64 players in the lobby as opposed to the 100 that can be seen in Erangle, Miramar, and Sanhok.  Demolition Zone is a small circle that is almost like the Red zone, but also destroys buildings. It is indicated by a purple area on the mini-map. The zone causes a lot of destruction, and can also turn buildings to rubble. The bullet wall penetration allows players to fire through certain thin walls, and placing sticky bombs can open up secret passages for players to find loot and/or hide.

Karakin was introduced in PUBG PC on January 22, 2020.

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