BGMI Ban In India: Battle Royale Games Player Could Play In 2022

BGMI is undoubtedly one of the names that players all around the world are most familiar with. One of the factors contributing to the success of BGMI is the gameplay and realistic graphics it offers. But what worries many fans is that BGMI is banned in the country, for now. However, here’s a look at four exciting games which are quite similar to BGMI and can be enjoyed till further clarity is available over the game’s fortunes in India. BGMI Ban In India: Battle Royale Games Player Could Play In 2022

BGMI Ban In India: Battle Royale Games Player Could Play In 2022

Battlelands Royale

The third-person battle royale shooter game, drops players into 32-person battle royales, which take between in a time duration between three to five minutes. The battle royale experience is moderately good, with an objective of being the last man standing following the utilisation of effective tools. Character upgrades is one of the unique aspects with the free to play model quite aggressive in nature.

Offline Commando 3D Sniper Shooter

The game is going to meet largely all the requirements of those players who enjoyed adopting the role of a sniper in either PUBG or PUBG Mobile Lite. The game is quite small in size, with survival being the key objective. With various missions throughout the game, there is a lot of excitement and entertainment on the cards for those gamers looking to challenge themselves.

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Call Of Duty: Mobile

Call Of Duty: Mobile was launched on 30th September 2019 and has steadily gone about carving a reputation of being an extremely exciting game. The PC version of the game is extremely popular, with the core of the game in the Mobile version quite similar. This will certainly result in a certain amount of nostalgia among hardcore fans of the game. Call of Duty: Mobile provides a multiplayer along with a battle-royale mode with numerous modes like CTF and deathmatch on the multiplayer maps.

Free Survival: Fire Battlegrounds

Both PUBG and Free survival come with realistic weapons and Mobile gamers can use two primary guns and one secondary weapon to kill their enemies. Free Survival gives the players the option to carry 3 guns. On the other hand, PUBG has one primary, one secondary gun and the ability to carry a pistol.

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