BGMI: All characters available for players in 2021

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) has quickly become one of the most popular mobile Battle Royale games.

Krafton has decided to set Anna's price at 600UC and has given the players assignments to redeem the character for free. (Credits: In-game screenshot)

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) has quickly become one of the most popular mobile Battle Royale games. The intense gaming experience, in-game awards, the availability of many characters, and the expansion of BGMI Esports have all contributed to the game’s success.

BGMI, like Free Fire, contains a large cast of characters. Characters in traditional and competitive battles, however, do not have special abilities, preserving the game’s uniqueness. Players are having more fun with the game now that there are up to five different characters to choose from.

Different BGMI Characters

1) Victor

In BGMI, Victor was the first character introduced. Victor is the only character in the game who can be redeemed for free without having to wait for a character shard exchange, according to reports.

Victor is a die-hard SMG fanatic. In EvoGround matches, he tweaks the SMGs so that they take less time to reload. It should be noted, however, that unlocking Victor’s exclusive emotes will use up character shards.

2) Sara

Sara was the game’s second character to appear after Victor, and she was also the game’s first female character. With Sara’s debut, the value of character shards in BGMI expanded even more.

Sara is a vehicle expert who enjoys fortifying vehicles so that the vehicles she rides or drives in EvoGround matches sustain less damage. Sara’s voice bundle has gained a lot of traction among BGMI gamers.

3) Carlo

Carlo was the second male character presented, and the third overall. The bounty hunter costs 1200 UC or 1200 character shards and has strong survival skills. Only Andy’s emotive emotes can be compared to Carlo’s.

In general, BGMI players who play EvoGround bouts with Carlo will suffer less fall damage. Carlo’s Hunter Set costume boasts unrivalled detailing when it comes to the character’s appearance.

4) Andy

Andy is the most cunning in-game character in BGMI. Andy, like Carlo, requires 1200 UC or 1200 character shards to unlock. Andy’s puppet emoji is the best character emoji out there.

Andy was a magician and puppeteer whose career was cut short due to an unfortunate tragedy. Andy has improved his battle gun skills since then. In EvoGround matches, players who play with Andy will take less time to take and put away weaponry.

5) Anna

Anna is the newest character to appear in BGMI, and only the game’s second female character. Anna, an Austrian detective, can be unlocked for 600 UC or 600 character shards.

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Character shards are easy to come by thanks to the events that have occurred since Anna’s debut. Anna’s abilities, on the other hand, are yet to be discovered.

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