BGIS The Grind Results, highlights, summary and day 5 overview

Check out the table below to see where the other teams are in the standings.

Check out the table below to see where the other teams are in the standings.

People’s craze for BGIS The Grind series is at its peak and surprisingly, the favourites are struggling to hold their ground. Continuing their domination from week 1, Hyderabad Hydras have claimed the top spot once again. They have already scored 3 chicken dinners in the league stage, accumulating a total of 170 points with 91 finishes. Orangutan Gaming is also seen in a great share as the new banner continues to shine at the second spot of the table. OR Esports in the third position has displayed equally appealing performance but somehow they aren’t able to surpass these two consistent opponents.

Winners of BGIS The Grind League Stage Day 5

  • Match 1: Team Mayhem (24 points)
  • Match 2: Reckoning Esports (25 points)
  • Match 3: ForceOne (30 points)
  • Match 4: Team XO (21 points)
  • Match 5: Hyderabad Hydras (32 points)

BGMI Grind Scrims Day 5: Overall Standings

Team XO has clinched a spot in the top bracket of performers thanks to that chicken supper, but their opponents in the second bracket are breathing down their necks. Team SouL, on the other hand, has made a remarkable comeback throughout the league stage. Furthermore, it is quite satisfying for its large fans to see their favourite players return to the competition, when heavyweights such as Godlike are lagging behind. TSM can also be commended for their outstanding effort, however the team should concentrate on improving their ranking rather than being eliminated early after just scoring a few frags.

Check out the table below to see where the other teams are in the standings.

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The League Stage has been heating up, and it’s doing a fantastic job of building anticipation for the actual event, which will take place in January. The League Stage receives millions of views each day, demonstrating the fans’ delight at the return of their favourite combat royale. It’ll be exciting to witness rookie teams compete against these legends for the $1 million prize fund, regardless of who wins the Grind series. 

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Highlights from BGIS The Grind Day 5

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