BGIS The Grind final result: Team XO take first position, Check out results and overall standing

Take a look at what happened before they compete in the ultimate BGMI esports clash of the year.

BGMI The Grind series was launched to set the tone for the Battlegrounds Mobile India Series 2021, and what a wonderful two weeks we had watching the country’s most popular teams compete on a national level. This is a day summary of the BGMI The Grind’s last day. Take a look at what happened before they compete in the ultimate BGMI esports clash of the year. BGIS The Grind final result: Team XO take first position, Check out results and overall standing

BGIS The Grind Final

Day 2, Match 1

So far in the competition, Owasis has been an amazing leader for Team Forever, and he shone brightly in the first match of the last day. Due to the circle’s southern movement, all of the heavyweights, including Team X Spark and Godlike, were forced to seek refuge near the plane wreckage at the bottom of the Military Base. Owasis kept his soldiers alive by baiting them and waiting for them to make a mistake. Zgod from Godlike, on the other hand, deserves credit for leading his squad to a second-place finish in a crowded field. Team Forever took a large lead at the top of the table after securing 25 points in the first match of the day.

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Day 2 Match 2

Godlike Esports and Team XO battled it out in a 3v4 match in the second match. Jonathan and ClutchGod were spotted being penalised for their dangerous flanks while attempting to create some off angles. When it came down to Zgod, the man once again innovated a lot, holding the top of a shade for an extended period of time while poking Team XO members mercilessly. Nonetheless, despite yet another set of great efforts, he was removed. The competition between Team Forever and Team XO heated up again, with the latter catching up to them with 27 points from the encounter. Godlike Esports, on the other hand, was reigning supreme at the table thanks to their top-notch consistency, riding on the shoulders of Zgod.

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Day 2 Match 3

On match 9, the TSM guys finally extended their wings and stormed into the zone, destroying all of the enemy strongholds. Despite their proclivity for taking chances, the squad’s surviving members executed their moves flawlessly this time, bringing the four-man strong Hyderabad Hydras team to its knees. This match yielded 29 points for TSM.

Day 2 Match 4

In a three-way Sanhok finish circle, Team TSM claimed the stage once more, clutching a 2v3v1 scenario. TSM was finally seen using their gunpower properly and translating it into points, thanks to their controlled aggression. The encounter provided them with another significant lift of 29 points.

Day 2 Match 5

Another Miramar, and another epic three-on-three battle between Team XO and Team X Spark. But it will be remembered as one of the most famous moments of the BGIS: The Grind series how Punk came up with that wonderful play employing a tiny cover of one buggy while being sprayed down by three hungry men from X Spark. This individual alone was responsible for bringing his squad back from the brink of defeat. With such remarkable timing and perfection, hats off to you. The match was won by Team XO by a margin of 26 points.

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Day 2 Match 6

The BGMI: The Grind series’ last match was the game-winner. With all five of the top teams breathing down each other’s necks, most of them made it to the Farm side end circle. The final was a tight three-way battle between Godlike Esports, Team XO, and TSM, in which Team XO triumphed over the Godlike players, knocking them out in third place. Aquanox, the team TSM’s lone survivor, made a last-ditch effort against the XO players, nearly bringing them all down to a sliver of health. However, it was not enough, as Team XO took home the third chicken dinner of the day, scoring a total of 25 points.

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BGIS The Grind final result summary

When the dust settled, Team XO with chicken meal had won the competition with a total of 173 points and INR 1,000,000 in prize money. TSM climbed to second place with 157 total points after a spectacular comeback on the second day. In addition, the very aggressive team had the most frags in the finals, with a total of 81. Godlike Esports, the favourites, finished third with only three points, followed by Team X Spark with 143 points and Team Forever with 143 points.

Both Hyderbad Hydras and Orangutan Gaming put forth lacklustre performances in the finals compared to their stellar achievements in the league stage. What’s more discouraging than seeing SouL finish at the bottom of the leaderboard? Regardless, we wish them the best of luck and hope that they will return stronger once the main event begins – BGIS: 2021.

Most Versatile Player of the Series

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