Best PUBG Mobile Lite Players in the world

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PUBG Mobile Lite, a reduced version of the game’s greater counterpart PUBG Mobile, was published in 2019. The Lite version of the game was released on the global market to appeal to the enormous number of people who play it on low-end devices. Best PUBG Mobile Lite Players in the world

The Lite edition is frequently compared to PUBG Mobile and viewed as a step down. However, it has maintained a dedicated playing community, making it one of the most popular mobile gadgets.

Best PUBG Mobile Lite Players in the world

The Lite edition has bestowed upon the gaming community gamers who have gone on to become game superstars. These esports professionals have become household names in the gaming community. Moving forward to 2022, here are some of the finest PUBG Mobile Lite gamers.

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Who are the best PUBG Mobile Lite players as of 2022?

1) God Praveen YT

God Praveen YT, as his YouTube channel is known, is Praveen Chaudhary’s most well-known moniker. Because of his incredible gun skills, he is recognised as a cult figure in the gaming industry, and his admirers refer to him as “God.”

His M416 sprays, which look like lasers, can often take out many foes at once. Furthermore, his DMR abilities demonstrate why he is regarded as one of the finest Lite version players in the world.

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2) Insane Lion

Ritik “Insane Lion” Rajak, a member of the Asur clan, is a pioneer of PUBG Mobile Lite. He has been a top player in the community since the game’s release. Despite the fact that he does not participate in esports, Lion’s gameplay is true to his moniker.

His close-range skills are just as spectacular as his long-range snipes, making him an all-rounder in the game. His gameplay videos reveal how his aggressive style of play allows him to consistently get 15-20 kills.

3) Gamo Boy

Sahil “Gamo Boy” Chauhan is known all over the world for his quick reactions and aggressive play. Gamo Boy rose to prominence thanks to the 1v4 clutches he posted on his YouTube channel. It is his grasp of the game’s scenario that distinguishes him.

Gamo Boy’s sprays cause opponents in moving vehicles to be knocked down. In addition, his survival abilities are excellent.

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