Best potions in Minecraft: Useful potions in Minecraft Bedrock

Potions in Minecraft have several effects that can be imbued to players for a short time.

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Potions in Minecraft have several effects that can be imbued to players for a short time. Beginners in the game might not immediately understand which potions are helpful. Using a “Potion of Water Breathing” or “Potion of Fire Resistance” won’t be that helpful if a new Minecraft player is still working primarily within the confines of a forest. Here we have listed down ways for beginners to get useful potions in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition.

Potion of Swiftness

This potion increases players’ sprint speed and jump distance by 20%. It is good for exploration as well as for making a quick escape. If players don’t have any other methods to travel faster, boosting overall movement speed with the potion can be helpful. Furthermore, if one finds themselves in a dangerous situation, they can use this potion to get a speed boost and escape danger.

Potion of Healing

This potion can heal players instantly for 4 to 8 hearts depending on the rank of the potion. The world in-game can be dangerous when traversing dimensions like the Nether and the End, and keeping a potion that can quickly heal players is invaluable.

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Potion of Night Vision

This potion is created by brewing a golden carrot. Potion of Night Vision improves the perceived light level for players, enabling them to see significantly better for the duration of the potion. The potion will not change the actual light level of the areas but allow players to perceive dark regions as if they were brighter.

Similar to carrying potions, surviving in Minecraft is an important aspect of the game, but it can be difficult to figure out for newcomers. Survival has been relatively constant in previous Minecraft versions, but that doesn’t mean it’s always simple. Depending on a player’s speed and game mode (Survival or Hardcore in particular), remaining alive in a Minecraft world can present a variety of problems.

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