Best gun in CoD Mobile: Every weapon ranked

The Call of Duty: Mobile "Nightmare" update arrives with a slew of new content and weapons balance changes.

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Call of Duty: Mobile’s Season 9 “Nightmare” patch rolls out on 20th October and features a menu of new Halloween-themed content and gameplay feature adjustments, including the return of the “Standoff” multiplayer map, a new “Sawmill” map, a new “Dropzone” multiplayer mode, new Perks and Scorestreaks.

There is, of course, also a shiny new battle pass, in addition to an array of weapon balance changes and a new “Flash Drone” tactical unit. Activision has also introduced two new weapons to COD Mobile: the Swordfish assault rifle (AR) and Thumper tactical. 

Activision changed the CR-56 AMAX, M13, KN-44, UL736, and the S36 in survival and multiplayer modes and nerfed only the MX9 submachine gun in battle royale mode this season.

Given these changes, you’re probably wondering which weapons are the strongest and most broken weapons to use in COD Mobile Season 8. Well, we have the answer — Let’s have a look.

Best Assault Rifle: M13

The M13 was introduced last season and could be the strongest assault rifle in COD Mobile. The Season 9 patch further bolstered the M13, which arguably makes it an absolute shredder of a weapon. In particular, Activision buffed the M13’s movement speed, reload speed, bullet velocity, which, together with its already impressive damage, fire rate and base stats, make the M13 an absolute monster assault rifle in COD Mobile Season 9.

Best SMG: MX9

The MX9 is currently the most powerful submachine gun in COD Mobile Season 9, although it did receive notable nerfs in battle royale mode. Nevertheless, we contend that it’s still a potent weapon in multiplayer mode, thanks to its versatility and high damage output. In case you disagree, we’ve included an honourable mention: the QQ9.

The QQ9 certainly rivals the MX9, thanks to its fast TTK, great ADS and burst firing rate. However, compared to the MX9, the QQ9 is also relatively versatile and matches a variety of playstyles. Moreover, the QQ9 is easy to use, with low recoil and is perfect for close-quarters combat.

Best Sniper/Marksman Rifle: DLQ33

The best sniper rifle in COD Mobile is either the DLQ33 or the MK2 Carbine. Both weapons are superb choices, but we feel as though the DLQ33 is our crowned jewel. It’s hard to refute this, too, given the DLQ33’s fantastic damage and accuracy at long range. It’s considered to be the best sniper rifle to use in COD Mobile over several seasons, and it’s proven itself time and time again.

Best light machine gun: Chopper

The Chopper is currently the best LMG in COD Mobile, a result of its insane damage, high rate of fire and fantastic accuracy. More recently, however, Activision decided it would be a good idea to buff the Chopper further, bolstering the gun’s base damage range from 10m to 14m.

There aren’t any other significant contenders to The Chopper, although the Hades is an honourable mention as an A-tier LMG to use COD Mobile Season 9.

Best shotgun: R9-0

The R9-0 shotgun was introduced in COD Mobile Season 8 and has proven to be a powerhouse, demonstrating serious damage, solid fire rate and accuracy, with relatively low recoil. At close range, the R9-0 can obliterate enemies. Additionally, it is a reliable S-tier shotgun and only needs attachments to bolster its accuracy while aiming down sights.

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