Best gun in BGMI: Best gun combos for Miramar map

Guns are very important in any fight in BGMI to take down opponents.

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Guns are very important in any fight in BGMI. Since the game is based on battle royale format, killing opponents is a core gameplay element. Therefore picking the right gun combinations as per the map is very crucial.

Players playing on Miramar must understand the map’s geography and choose weapons accordingly. We have listed down a guide to choosing the best firearm combinations in Miramar.

Scar-L and UMP 45

The Beryl M762 and UMP 45 are a lethal combination. Many streamers of the game and professional players who play in Miramar use this combination. To complement the high damage of UMP 45’s, players can opt for the Scar-L, which is famous for its high headshot percentage.

Micro Uzi and M24

This combination is popular among BGMI rank pushers in Miramar, who either engage in close-range or long-range battles. While the M24 is a single-shot sniper and can take down an opponent sporting a Level 2 helmet with one headshot. The Micro Uzi’s explosive burst fire rate makes it a good SMG to use at a close range.

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M416 and AKM

This combo is one of the most iconic combos in the game. While the M416 offers stability and increased accuracy, the AKM is known for its high damage capacity. Since both guns are easily available around Miramar, the combination is easy to play with.

M416 and Kar98K

This combo is very popular amongst players of BGMI. Players can make use of this combination to get into fights at different ranges in Miramar. The combination is proven to be effective, and it will continue to do so as the Kar98K as a sniper compliments the M416, which is an assault rifle.

Groza and AWM

Both weapons in this combo are exclusive airdrop weapons. While the Groza is good in close-range battles, the AWM is the most powerful gun in the entire game and is capable of taking down any enemy with a single headshot. With the Groza and AWM, players can easily take down enemies in Miramar.

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