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By Shubham Dalal | Oct 10, 2022 | 2 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

In COD Mobile, the first most important step is to Loadouts. The set of objects to be carried into battle that is all that one needs for a specific purpose. It is a important aspect that the set of guns with good number of ammo and equipment needs by a player before going to find other teams for gunfight. You have exact knowledge of weapons and equipment in this game while choosing your loadout. Players choose best weapons that have great efficiency and potential power by which they done thier best in COD. Best loadout makes you more capable and flexible in any fight.

Best gun comination in cod mobile

1.Kilo 141 ( For close range fight)

Kilo 141 in COD mobile is a high damage and medium rate of fire assault rifle which proves to be effective even at long range when the damage range increases.

Kilo Gun Details

  • Damage : 29
  • Fire Rate: 68
  • Accuracy: 56
  • Mobility: 79
  • Range: 58
  • Control: 48

The loadout of a gun in CoD Mobile makes it even more powerful. Each player should choose the gun attachments according to the map, mode and especially their role (Role- Slayer, Stealth, Anchor).

Soldier, below are the best loadouts of Kilo 141 for High Mobility for Slayer and Low Recoil for Stealth Player.

Best attachment for kilo 141 for close range

  • Barrel: Ykm Entegral Suppressor
  • Stock: No Stock Gun
  • Perk/Rear Grip: Disable / Granulated Grip
  • Laser: Owc Laser Tactical
  • Ammunition: Extended Mag A

ADS Speed and ADS Movement Speed increase in using this attachment in KILO 141 Gun in Close range.

2.M4 -Prince of Time ( Best in long range gun)

M4 gun best AR gun in long range many of player are like this gun for long range and mid-range also .the gun have a best accuracy in long range also good in damage .

M4 Gun Details

  • Damage: 25
  • Accuracy:71
  • Fire Rate:68
  • Range:77
  • Control:62
  • Mobility:61

The M4 in CoD Mobile is an OG assault rifle. The M4 has got a Buff after a long time, which has increased its Hand Damage Multiplier, Chest/Upper Arm Damage Multiplier and has reduced Empty Reload Time, ADS Time, Bullet Spread. After this buff, M4 Season 3 has come in the list of Meta Guns.

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Best attachment for long range

  • Optic: Any scope
  • Underbarrel: Strike Foregrip
  • Stock: Ykm Light Stock
  • Rear Grip; Stippled Grip Tape

This attachment for using in long range for increase accuracy and stability.

This Two guns Kilo 141 and M4 best combination according to me .if you are training with these two guns 100 percent your game was improve day by day . both guns are have best close range tag and best long range you play matches with these guns.

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