Best Grass-type Pokemon available

Calyrex, the lone Grass-type Legendary Pokemon in the Pokemon universe, is the only Grass-type Legendary Pokemon.

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Although there aren’t many Legendary Grass Pokemon, the ones that are available are incredible. Calyrex, the lone Grass-type Legendary Pokemon in the Pokemon universe, is the only Grass-type Legendary Pokemon. As a result, all Mythical Pokemon, as well as sub-Legendaries, will be included in this list. Here are the finest Grass-type Legendary Pokemon without further ado.

Best Grass-type Pokemon


Virizion is a good Grass Pokemon and a member of the Generation V Legendary group. Virizion is a Grass/Fighting-Type Pokémon, which is a powerful combination. Just keep an eye out for Flying-Type Pokemon.

Although Virizion is the weakest of the Legendary trio, it is still a powerful Pokemon on its own. With the Galar DLC Crown Tundra, this collection of legendaries was brought back in a unique fashion. They can only be found if the player locates all of its footsteps around the region.


Shaymin, a Mythical Pokemon debuted in Generation IV, is noted for its many different forms. It has a standard Guinea pig-like shape as well as a Sky Form that may be awakened at a specific moment with the Gracidea item.

Giratina & the Sky Warrior, Shaymin’s film, is well-known in the Pokemon community. With all of the excitement around Generation IV right now, this Pokemon is bound to be popular.

Tapu Bulu

Tapu Bulu is the Grass member of the Tapu squad. This Pokemon is, once again, the weakest link among the four in its group, yet it is still powerful on its own. Tapu Bulu has the Grassy Surge ability, which when used, creates Grassy Terrain for numerous turns.

Until Rillaboom adopted it in Sword and Shield, this skill was unique to Tapu Bulu. Rillaboom has taken its place because it has access to the Grassy Glide move, whereas Tapu Bulu has been overshadowed.


Kartana, a Grass/Steel-type Pokemon, is one of the best Ultra Beasts in the game. Kartana has a base attack stat of 181, which is the third highest in the game, after only Mega Mewtwo X and Mega Heracross. As a result, it boasts the highest non-modified Pokemon’s base attack stat.

It can only be earned as an Ultra Beast through Max Raid Dens in Sword and Shield or through post-game events in Sun and Moon.


Celebi receives the award for finest Grass Legendary, despite the fact that it is a Mythical. Celebi’s ability to travel through time is only surpassed by Palkia’s (who controls time). Celebi’s first film, Pokemon 4Ever, became an immediate hit and remains one of the most popular to this day.

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