Best games to play in Minecraft: Player creates Wordle in-game

One crafty Minecraft players has created a fully-functional version of the popular word-puzzle game Wordle.

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One crafty Minecraft player has created a fully-functional version of the popular word-puzzle game Wordle in-game with the help of Redstone. This isn’t the first time a player has used Minecraft’s several decorative and functional blocks to recreate a game.

Minecraft is more well-known for its player creations than its designed “campaign.” While many players like building up their resources to the point that they can fight the Ender Dragon, many more players try to avoid these conflicts altogether and spend their time building.

The game’s sandbox-style gameplay, which features a creative mode, enables players to design, build, and share creations with their friends and the internet. From re-creating historical landmarks to entire planets to supercomputers, Minecraft players have created some incredible contraptions.

One Minecraft player has shared a huge build that resembles the experience of playing the word puzzle game that has taken the internet by storm, Wordle. As per the player, the build took around 16 hours to complete over two days, which is impressive given how complicated the build seems to be.

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The creation holds a 2D matrix with the hidden word on one side and the players guessing the word from the other side. Players were swift to react and praise the effort of the player. With the popularity of Wordle, it’s no surprise that it has begun to creep into other popular games.

While there are many rip-offs of Wordle, references to the game have started to crop up in other open-world and sandbox games. The huge popularity of Wordle led to the game being bought by the New York Times for a hefty amount of money. But now players get to enjoy it in the game worlds should they choose, simply by downloading the newly-created world.

The creativity shown by Minecraft players is one of the reasons the game has remained so popular even after a decade of its official launch. Another one is continued support by developer Mojang. With updates constantly released, more tools are added to the kit to enable players to create huge, beautiful, and intricate builds such as this Wordle recreation.

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