Best games like Minecraft: Best Minecraft alternatives players should try

Minecraft is one of the best games that are still running strong despite its boxy graphics.

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Minecraft is one of the best games that is still running strong despite its boxy graphics. However, there is a time when Minecraft players look for an alternative for the game just to take a break. Minecraft’s success has led to the launch of many open-world survival crafting games, and now players have numerous options to choose from. We have listed down some alternatives to Minecraft.

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Green Hell

This is a survival game that is similar to Minecraft but pushes the mechanics to their limits. The game centers around a researcher called Jake Higgins, who is studying the tribes of the Amazon. Besides being a single-player sandbox, Green Hell also offers a multiplayer mode as well. The game’s survival gameplay is more intense in comparison to Minecraft.

Dragon Quest Builders 2

This game developed by Square Enix is also similar to Minecraft. It brings together building and harvesting with survival. The visuals of the game help maintain a good experience without making it too serious. Players get to visit several islands, learn new scripts, and take on monsters as they progress in the game.

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7 Days to Die

This is also one of the most played survival games in recent times. Players are thrown into the fall of civilization and the core objective of the game is to survive for as long as players can. To do so, players will have to look for supplies, craft weapons, items, tools, and perform many such tasks. However, 7 Days to Die stall has a lot of bugs and isn’t as polished as other survival games out there.


This game features Minecraft-like survival and crafting elements, but is a multiplayer-only game. Here players need to take care of their hunger, thirst, and overall health levels while contending with dangerous animals such as bears and wolves. NCPs can also attack players, and the threat from other players is always present.

Don’t Starve Together

This game also has the survival element of Minecraft and is a standalone expansion of the popular game Don’t Starve. The game drops players into a biome-rich world that is filled with dangers. Players will need to battle, build, and farm to survive in the game. And, all this can be done by players by taking help from their friends.

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