Best first-person shooting games like Call of Duty

With a variety of first-person shooting games making the rounds, let us look at the best in the business.

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The stardom Call of Duty attained among its fans created nothing short of revolution in the action-packed games. The first-person shooting game, set in backdrops of war, gives the players a realistic graphic visual with amazing gaming experience. Dominated the gaming market for several years, Call of Duty developed a cult following, with a humongous fanbase. With every passing year, more action-packed first-person shooting games have emerged in the gaming world. If you are looking for a fresh challenge, check out below to find similar enthralling games:

Battlefield V

The 16th installment in the series, Battlefield V is the ideal game to endure on a new quest. The war stories are divided into several timelines, which take place at different locations. This action-filled rollercoaster ride allows you with the freedom to explore and play in however you want. The semi-open maps help you in maintaining your own pace.

Published by Electronic Arts, this first-person shooter game has a vast arsenal of weapons to defeat the enemy. The customization settings allow a player to alter the character’s looks. With a good story plot and an array of options to complete the missions, Battlefield V should be high on your priority list if you like Call of Duty.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive

The multiplayer game received massive praise for its amazing action-packed theme. The first-person shooting game pits two teams against each other – terrorists and counter-terrorists. The multiple game modes include counter-terrorists trying to stop terrorists from planting a bomb or rescuing hostages among other tasks.

Over the last few years, several patches and content additions were provided to the game frequently. Among them, a battle-royale game mode called ‘Danger Zone’ is a treat to play. The popularity of the game across the world has increased manifold. Global Offensive has gone on to become one of the largest esports, with several international competitions taking place regularly in it.

Titanfall 2

This first-person shooting game is played in an environment slightly different from other action-packed games. The second in the franchise, which is published by Electronic Arts, is set in a science fiction universe. Here the players control giant titans, mecha-style exoskeletons, in a bid to demolish and destroy their enemies. The fighting sees the traditional gunfights and the titan battles.

The multiplayer game has also launched a single player campaign with this installment. The single player feature was mainly praised for its gameplay, with the attention to detail in the game is a major plus. The fast-paced action game could provide a unique challenge if you are up for it. Titanfall 2 is one you cannot miss if you are a first-person shooting game fan.

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