Best arrows in Minecraft: Best arrows to fight Minecraft mobs

Arrows in Minecraft come in different types and varieties, and all of them have different effects.

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Arrows in Minecraft come in different types and varieties, and all of them have different effects. With the help of lingering potions made through brewing, players can make versions of tipped arrows that offer different effects on impact. Hence, certain tipped arrows have become very useful in targeting hostile mobs that attack players.

Best arrows in Minecraft to take down mobs

Standard Arrows

These arrows are great for taking down enemy mobs in Minecraft. They can be made easily and no extra steps are needed to damage hostile mobs. They might bring along the additional cool effects, but when players don’t have the fancy ammunition, they do the job of taking down targets just right.

Arrows of Slowness

If players apply a Potion of Slowness to a group of arrows, they can create Arrows of Slowness. As the name suggests, hitting a target with one will slow them down. This arrow might not seem particularly helpful, it brings a different strategy for players to take on hostile mobs in Minecraft. Since the target is slowed down after impact, players have the advantage of mobility.

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Arrows of Poison

Any Minecraft players who have come across cave spiders or bees must know how bad the status effect of poison could be. And, this arrow turns that status effect on hostile mobs. Although certain enemy mobs are immune to the effect of poison, it is still an effective arrow type when fighting against most of the enemies. These arrows might not kill opponents but will damage them until they are close to death.

Arrows of Harming

These arrows come in handy when players want to hit opponents hard and without any delay. These arrows provide significant damage to targets and can kill hostile mobs easily with a few short shots. However, it is good to be aware of the fact that these arrows will not work on opponents classified as undead. Instead, these arrows will heal them.

Arrows of Decay

These arrows inflict the wither status effect on enemies, taking away their health until they die or the effect ends. The only mobs in Minecraft immune to Wither are wither skeletons and the Ender Dragon. The drawback of these arrows is their availability. They are only available on Minecraft: Bedrock Edition and platforms that use its codebase.

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