Bren Call of Duty: How to unlock Bren in COD Warzone?

With over 40guns added to the game, Bern LMG surged to the top of the charts.

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Warzone Pacific Season 1 brought a new map, some improvements, and introduced the Vanguard weaponry, making it one of the most weighted updates to the game since it came out. With over 40guns added to the game, Bern LMG surged to the top of the charts, becoming the game’s dominant weapon.

One big disadvantage of the heavy weapon is the slow pace of fire, which comes at the cost of a lot of firepower and ammo. With the right loadout, this weapon can still be highly devastating. While the Bern is a good option, players will have to work hard to get one.

How to unlock Bren?

Players are required to attain level 53 of the Battle Pass, which is just two levels less than the maximum rank, in order to unlock the LMG. Well, this means there won’t be any unexpected challenges to get the Bren, but it might take a lot of time.

If the Bren isn’t the kind of LMG, players could recreate a Bruen MK9 configuration from the days of Modern Warfare. This weapon offers a good range of damage and is apt for players who like to hold power positions instead of rushing in forcefully.

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How to get Bruen MK9?

To unlock the MK9 Bruen in Warzone and Modern Warfare, players must take down three enemies with an LMG when they are near smoke in 15 different battles. This is a tough challenge, but the best way to do it is to equip smoke grenades and enter a small map playlist.

Players should sit near the smoke, and fire rounds into the cloud till the time an enemy is taken down. This is the easiest way to achieve in hardcore modes since players need two shots.

Another way to do it is using a thermal optic and playing in an objective-based mode. Players should let the enemies seize the objective, then smoke it and clear out anyone who is trapped in the clouds.

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