Battlegrounds Mobile India: Top emerging Indian players

Here are players we think have a bright future in the competitive scene.

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As a game, Battlegrounds Mobile India is in a league of its own. Since the game was launched in July, competitive as well as casual players have swarmed around the game. The game’s competitive side is right around the corner and competitive practice scrims have also started. In the last few months, many players have proven their skills in the competitive battleground.

Here are players we think have a bright future in the competitive scene.


Ashutosh “Punkk” Singh is one of the biggest talents in the emerging scene of the Battlegrounds Mobile India competitive scene. He is well known for staying calm under clutch situations. The pro is not only a pioneer for several clutch plays but has also maintained an impressive stat.

Punkk can use any weapon to cause absolute chaos. He can land sniper headshots and is equally good with assault rifles.


Rudra “Spower” B is one of India’s best close-range BGMI fraggers. The boy is just 14 years old but tends to create havoc in the lobby when he plays. Fans often see this finisher collecting multiple kills because of his swift and accurate movement.

After analyzing his gameplay, many noticed his ability to create space for his team. He is also not afraid to take 1v1 fights or creating numerous angles for his team. Spower is unmatchable with his close-range fights.


Aditya “Aditya” Mhate was the top fragged for Team Xspark that came to be known at the PMCO Fall Split. He picked up 31 kills and helped the team win the title. After his performances as an entry fragger in the event, he made a place for himself in the BGMI community.

He is known for his ultra-aggressive fragging skills in BGMI and his ability to take down opponents in 1v1fights with a lot of ease.

Battlegrounds Mobile India 50 million download perks

Battlegrounds Mobile India crossed the 50 million download mark on Android devices. Even without being available on iOS devices, the game has breached a momentous number. As Krafton promised, the in-game perks of crossing the 50 million mark are now available in-game. Players can just log in to the game, and collect the permanent reward.

Krafton had promised various perks at various stages in the run-up to 50 million. If players have not collected the reward as of now, they can simply go to the events section and collect various perks. The game could launch anytime for iOS devices.

At the 48M Milestone, players will get Supply Coupon Crate Scrap X3. After reaching the 49M Milestone they will be able to get their hands on Classic Coupon Crate Scrap X3. After reaching 50M Milestone, they will get the Permanent Galaxy Messenger Set X1.

Why this milestone is important

To recall, BGMI’s global version– PUBG Mobile was banned by the Indian government on September 2, 2020. The ministry cited security reasons for the same and said the game is a threat to the nation. The players, especially streamers, complied. However, it turned out to be a big blow to their live watching and in turn, the revenue. With the comeback of the game in the form of Battlegrounds Mobile India, many big and small streamers have picked up the game again, and their watching has come back to the numbers they saw during the pre-ban era.

To comeback, and to be loved by this vast majority of the audience only shows how popular the game is. It is celebratory because a lot of players have got back their livelihood, and a lot od casual players have got back their means of entertainment.

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