Battlegrounds Mobile India: Six best guns in for Solo v Squad situations

Gamers who love to play Solo vs Squad could opt for the new weapon if they want to experiment.

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Battlegrounds Mobile India was launched for both operating systems just a few days back. With the return of the game, there are intense battles that are taking place around each map. However, one thing is for sure, players need to get a good gun in order for them to play well, and sometimes clutch in intense situations. BGMI introduced a new season, and along with it, new modes and a new airdrop weapon named the MG3 was also introduced.

The new weapon is quite effective, and players have been loving the gun in the newly updated Battlegrounds Mobile India. Gamers who love to play Solo vs Squad could opt for the new weapon if they want to experiment. Besides the MG3, there are many guns that one could use in order to combat that solo vs squad situation.

Battlegrounds Mobile India guns to survive Solo vs Squad mode

PP-19 Bizon

One of the most popular guns in the game is the PP-19 Bizon. It works as SMG in the game, hence the fire rate of the gun is really high. This weapon uses 9mm ammo and has a magazine size of 53. With a hit damage of 35, it is a great weapon for Solo vs Squad combats.

Gamers can fire bullets at a steady rate, and a controlled recoil makes the gun very reliable during 1v4 face-offs.


Uzi is one of the most reliable weapons for 1v4 combats. The fire rate of the gun is extremely high. It fires a deadly streak of bullets and leaves a lot of damage to opponents in a short amount of time.

Uzi’s stability and low recoil makes it one of the most lethal weapons in Battlegrounds Mobile India. Gamers can use this weapon during close-range combat that could take place during a hot-drop in Pochinki or Military Base.

DP- 28

DP-28 is one of the most versatile guns in Battlegrounds Mobile India. The gun has an extremely steady fire rate, low recoil, and the ability to accommodate up to 6x scope. all of these pros of the gun make it one of the best weapons to choose if planning to wipe up squads. The Dp-28 is quite accurate and has the ability to knock out opponents within a couple of shots. The gun is known for working best with a 4x, and when used in the burst mode, with interval firing, it is a great mid-range weapon as well.


AKM is one of the deadliest weapons in BGMI and could be used to wipe out squads. The gun is heavy damage gun with a high recoil. The recoil factor could be one of the biggest issues in the game. However, if one player is able to control the recoil, then the gun can end up being your best friend in Battlegrounds Mobile India.

AKM’s burst mode is one of the most efficient in the game. Players who can control the recoil of an AKM will find it quite easy to dominate opposing squads.


Players usually look for guns that would be extremely reliable throughout the game. If given a chance, no player leaves behind an M416. It is a versatile gun with the ability to take up-close range and mid-range fights. Unlike the AKM, the M416 has a steady fire and controllable recoil, therefore making it quite an efficient weapon when it comes to Solo vs Squad mode.


Before the new update, the M249 was only available from airdrops. However, a very refreshing change for players has come up since the M249 spawns randomly in BGMI maps. It is available like any other gun in the map.

This LMG has the ability to hold up to 150 bullets with the use of an extended mag, making it quite deadly. The gun only has the Auto mode of firing. Therefore it can easily wreak havoc among opponents.

If players have not been able to download the game, here is how you can do it for iOS.

It took about 47 days since the official launch of the game, for the BGMI iOS launch to take place. Krafton has started teasing the launch of the title on its social media, but there was no official word.

How to download Battlegrounds Mobile India for iOS

Though downloading the game should not be a tough task, players have been reporting that the game is not found on the Apple Store. If you’re are faced with the same, click on this BGMI iOS download link.

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