Battlegrounds Mobile India releases iOS related patch notes, deletes them

The game was launched for Android devices, and for iOS, there is no update.

Battlegrounds Mobile India in a file photo. (Credits: BGMI official website)

Battlegrounds Mobile India is not getting away from the limelight any time soon. The developers of the game are giving the game time to time updates, and some teases to keep the players engaged. The game was launched for Android devices, and for iOS, there is no update. But things might look hopeful from now on.

In a now-deleted post, Battlegrounds Mobile India updated its patch notes, and said KNOWN ISSUES “Game settings shut down when accessing the season C1S1 menu, some iPad devices.” Just this information is enough to keep the iOS device owners optimistic that the game might launch soon.

Battlegrounds Mobile India seems to be testing the patience of iOS players. Battlegrounds Mobile India was launched for Android players on July 2, 2021. Anticipations surrounding the BGMI launch date are building up… Kronten, an esports athlete and streamer has a few updates on the same. But is the launch date near, the expected date is closer than what people think.

Kronten has played a huge part in speculations that were buzzing around during the pre-release state of BGMI. On his Livestream, he shared that he only had information regarding the android version’s official release just a few hours ahead of the launch. Now, in a community update on his official YouTube channel, he said, “It’ll take a while before the game comes on iOS devices. We have to wait for a few more days.”

Krafton’s website support section says that an iOS version of BGMI will indeed be released soon. Popular Esports personalities like Ghatak had earlier said that the game will come on the same as the Android users. That did not happen. Now, while the game is out there for every android user to download, iOS players still haven’t got a clue about a release date.

Launch date, Android requirement, How to download Battlegrounds Mobile India

“Notice on official launch of BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA

– Official launch : July 2, 2021(Fri) 06:30

– OS Requirement : Android (AOS)

– Download (click)

 For early access participants, update your app to the official launch version from Play Store.

 Please note that mobile data is consumed when downloading, so we recommend downloading through wifi.”

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