Battlegrounds Mobile India: How to obtain free Rename card

Just like PUBG Mobile, players will require a rename card to change their existing IGN

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Battlegrounds Mobile India Early Access version for all Android users was launched on May 18. Since the game is still in its Beta stage, a lot of subtle in-game changes are expected to take place. 

Just like PUBG Mobile, players will require a rename card to change their existing IGN. This card can be purchased from the in-game store by spending 180 UC. However, players have an opportunity to obtain it for free after data migration.

free rename card in Battlegrounds Mobile India

Battlegrounds Mobile India features an option for users to transfer their data from the global version to Battlegrounds Mobile India. This data would include inventory nicknames, character ID, achievements, RP, among other things. The data will take a lot time to migrate, so you will have to wait for everything to come back. It takes time to load and then you will have to download all the resource pack again. However, once the game starts, it will be worth it.

Developers are providing numerous rewards to the users, including a rename card for transferring their account. Here are the steps that they can follow to migrate their data and procure the card:

  • Open Battlegrounds Mobile India and log in using any available means. They need to accept the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service when they first sign in.
  • Players will be prompted to create a new character. They need to confirm where they reside in India. Press yes.
  • A pop-up will appear asking whether they wish to transfer their data. Tap on the Yes, please continue button.
  • Then, users must provide consent about the data transfer. Press yes to continue.
  • Next, players have to select and log in to the social network account linked to the global account.
  • After logging in with the preferred platform, tap yes to go ahead with the data migration.
  • Once the data transfer is complete, the rewards will be sent to the mail section. Players can claim a rename card and use it to change their name.

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