Battlegrounds Mobile India C1S2 Royal Pass rewards leaked online, Check out now

The current C1S1-- Tech Era Royale Pass will come to an end on August 12th.

C1S2 or M2 Royale Pass is expected to release on August 14th. (Picture Courtesy: Stan GO YT)

Battlegrounds Mobile India C1S1 has just reached mid-way. And players are already looking for what they will get in the upcoming season. Details about the C1S2– Project T Royale Pass have already been leaked on the internet. The current C1S1– Tech Era Royale Pass will come to an end on August 12th. The C1S2 or M2 Royale Pass is expected to release on August 14th after a two-day RP Lock Period.

BNattlegrounds Mobile India new season rewards

This season is likely to get a water-based theme since the first rewards a player would get is a Marine Predator Set outfit and the Marine Marauder UZI skin. Both of these rewards will be available to you at level 1 after they purchase the C1S2 Royale Pass.

As the levels in the Battlegrounds Mobile India Royal Pass increase, so will be the kind of rewards players can obtain. Having said that, when the player reaches Level 10, they will obtain the Lapis Barrier backpack. In between all of these legendary and mythical awards, players will also get BP. The players will also get the UC they had invested in the game to buy the Royal Pass.

Players will also get free AG currency, room cards as they achieve more and more levels. Two exclusive rewards await at Royale Pass tier 30 named Marine Marauder Emote and Marine Marauder Grenade skin. Players will also get 60 UC that can be used for any in-game purchase.

More and more guns skins are also being added as a reward for clearing levels of the Elite Pass. At Level 40, players will be able to get the Marine Marauder M24 skin.

At the last tier, Elite Pass can treat themselves with the Mythic outfit and headgear of C1S2 Royale Pass. They are named Marine Marauder Set and Marine Marauder Headgear. These rewards look super amazing. Sportslumo will soon inform you on how to buy a Royal Pass in Battlegrounds Mobile india.

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