Battlegrounds Mobile India bugs and glitches addressed by Krafton

The 1.5 update came featured a new Ignition mode, revamped buildings, Tesla car, to name a few changes.

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Battlegrounds Mobile India was launched for Indian players on 2nd July 2021. BGMI is developed by Krafton, a South Korean game developer. The 1.5 update came featured a new Ignition mode, revamped buildings, Tesla car, to name a few changes. Brand new skins of Tesla cars and Cybertruck were also added to the game.

Krafton announces in its recent blog post, “Dear BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA fans, We would like to inform you about the issues regarding the BGMI 1.5 Update. We apologize for any inconveniences and look forward to fixing them at the earliest. Please note that this notice will be constantly updated when issues are identified additionally and also when resolved.”

After the launch of the game, many players reported new issues and glitches that appeared abruptly. Krafton updated patches that talked about five issues that came to light. These are the issues that have appeared more frequently for players.

  • Get stuck while wearing Unicorn-set outfits
  • Forced-shut down of the BGMI when accessing the season menu
  • Sound from other players
  • Tesla vehicle being very low
  • Buggy vehicle in the Mission Ignition mode

Battlegrounds Mobile India: Download Google Play Store

Players can download the game directly from the Google play store. They can use this link for the same.

Once the game loads the players will see the classic PUBG Mobile plane and the player dives into a majestic world. After the visuals, players will get an option to create a new account. Fret not, players will have to create a new id and then players will get multiple pop-ups, and they have to accept them. They ask if the player resides in India and whether they want to transfer their data to Battlegrounds Mobile India. Once you have entered the lobby, click on account. Click on account transfer, then click on yes. You will have to enter your login details again and you will access the game.

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