Battlegrounds Mobile India: Before transferring data from PUBG Mobile, do this

Many people have been reporting that they were not able to retrieve their personal controls and sensitivity.

Battlegrounds Mobile India is now open for early access for all. However, before you migrate all your data from PUBG Mobile, keep in mind that this is still the beta stage of the game. A lot of features, including popularity, haven’t been restored. Just like popularity, players will not be able to enjoy their controls and sensitivity unless they do this…

What is happening after data transfer in Battlegrounds Mobile India

After logging into Battlegrounds Mobile India, players get an option to migrate from the global version– PUBG Mobile. Many people have been reporting that they were not able to retrieve their personal controls and sensitivity. The layout they play on is not available, neither is the option to restore it.

If this problem persists, many players will have a tough time adapting to a new layout. Change in sensitivity, the gameplay of a person is also affected. Having a certain control over your aim is key in a battle royale format. However, before doing that, open the global version and


Players should copy, share or save your Layout & Sensitivity Code before you clicking on transfer data. Once you have the 19-digit share code, put it in your new account save your old Layout & Sensitivity.

How to share layout and sensitivity from PUBG Mobile

1: Open PUBG Mobile Global. Go to Settings – Controls – Customize.

2: Click on ‘Customize’ & your Layout will appear on the screen. Tap on ‘Layout‘ just under the ‘TPP’ option to gain access to Cloud Layout Management.

3: Tap on ‘Share’.

4: Copy, Share or Save the Code.

5: Open Battlegrounds Mobile India app. Complete the data transfer process, then go to Settings – Controls – Customize – Layout.

6: Tap on ‘Search Method‘ & paste your unique 19 digit code on the input box.

7: Click on ‘Search‘ then tap on ‘Preview/Use’

8: Tap on ‘Apply‘ highlighted with a yellow box & click on ‘Swap & Use‘. That’s it, your favourite Battlegrounds settings will now reflect in your BGMI account.

In order for you to keep your sensitivity intact, you can follow the same steps for sensitivity

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