Axie Infinity: Homeland Alpha is Now Live

Homeland which was initially announced by Axie Infinity in February 2021 allows those players to farm and gather resources to improve their land.

Credit : Axie Infinity
By Shubham Dalal | Jan 17, 2023 | 3 Min Read follow icon Follow Us


The popular blockchain game Axie Infinity has launched the alpha-version of Homeland, its flagship land-based extension, which will guide players in setting up a thriving settlement on the beautiful planet of  Lunacia , where players can undertake a variety of tasks, including collecting and storing content, optimizing Axie farming, building structures on land, creating new tools, and increasing the number of axes that can be owned.

Homeland which was initially announced by Axie Infinity in February 2021 allows those players to farm and gather resources to improve their land.  If you need more information about Axie Infinity: Homeland Alpha is Now Live then read carefully and don’t forget to share with your friends.

Axie Infinity: Homeland Alpha is Now Live :

It is a version of the Axie Infinity game built on the Land NFT platform and is only compatible with playing on PC. The game is only available to Axie Infinity players who have already purchased Land at launch.

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Axie Infinity has clarified that the Alpha version of Homeland focuses on collecting feedback and giving players the opportunity to explore the current features of the game. Players can report unresolved bugs and make suggestions for game enhancements through feedback portals opened by game developers. In the future, Homeland will also have AXS token integration, NFT AX trading, co-playing activities, a game mode without Land, and other features. Players can customize their homeland with different structures and characteristics, and engage in activities such as harvesting, crafting, and battling with their Axie creatures.

The team behind Axi Infinity expressed their enthusiasm to bring this new feature to their community of dedicated players in a blog released on their website and launched a Season 0 Alpha Launch contest. Top players will receive special in-game titles to reach the highest rank on the leaderboard during season 0. Axi Infinity: Homeland is now available through Mavis Hub in PCs and Macs. However, currently the game is only available to landowners. They can play games by downloading Mavis Hub and installing games through Mavis. Players who don’t currently own land can buy one at The Axi Marketplace.

Homeland is still at a very early stage of development, and it may take years for the game to be ready for a full release. This release officially marks the beginning of Phase 1 and Alpha Season 0. The developers expect Alpha Season 0 to run for 4 weeks with more Alpha seasons after that. Once the developers get smooth and improve the game in the upcoming year, they will exit Alpha and all progress will be reset.

However, players will be able to have special off-chain cosmetics earned in the alpha period. The Alpha release of Axie Infinity: Homeland follows the Christmas update of the popular game, adding festive accessories and holiday-themed gifts for its players.

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