Apex Legends: When is Storm Point coming to the game?

The arrival of Season 15 of Apex Legends saw the removal of Storm Point from the map rotation.

credit: Respawn Entertainment
By Rohit Kohli | Nov 25, 2022 | 2 Min Read follow icon Follow Us


The arrival of Season 15 of Apex Legends saw the removal of Storm Point from the map rotation. This was done to facilitate Broken Moon, but players are still wondering when the tropical island location will return to the game.

Apex Legends Season 15 is going on in full swing and the major update has introduced a lot of new content for players to experience, be it Defensive Conjurer Catalyst, the much-awaited gifting feature, or the exciting broken Moon map.

Like always, a seasonal update means new maps have entered the rotation and Olympus is finally making a comeback in Eclipse. However, to accommodate Olympus and Broken Moon, Storm Point was removed from Season 15, so when will this map return to the game?

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Storm Point Apex Legends return date

While Respawn is yet to confirm whether Storm Point will certainly be returning to Season 16 of Apex Legends, which is due in around three months’ time. Taking a map out of rotation is pretty common practice for the developers and it’s possible that the tropical location will return with upgrades in an update that will arrive in the coming months.

Respawn’s map designers have already noted during the lead-up to eclipse that Storm Point’s mid-games are pretty sluggish, making it difficult for players to look for skirmishes.

Taking cues from their creations in the past, the designers have fixed this issue on Broken Moon with zip rails, bigger POIs, and no main hot-drop points for players to lurk around.

That said, as of now, Olympus, Broken Moon, and World’s Edge will be among the maps that will be in rotation for Season 15. Storm Point fans will likely have to wait until February before they can jump right into action on the tropical island and take on opponents once again.

How To Change Name In Apex Legends PC

On PC, Apex Legends names are pretty different compared to consoles. Origin and Steam are the two PC platforms that let players enjoy Apex Legends. Players might find their profile under the settings and billing part of the Origin platform, run by EA. After choosing that option, players will be redirected to their profile page, where they will be able to modify their names.

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