Apex Legends tips: How to double the size of Fuse’s ultimate

One Apex Legends player has posted a video that shows how to make Fuse’s Motherlode twice as large.

credit: Respawn

One Apex Legends player has posted a video that shows how to make Fuse’s Motherlode twice as large – but people will have to make a trick shot to pull this off. Reddit user Crunchy_Circles posted a clip that shows the technique in the firing range.

First, they throw a regular frag grenade straight up into the air and let it hit the top of its arc. Then, the player took an aim with the Motherlode and zoom in, trying to match the aiming reticle with the grenade that is airborne. When both overlaps, the player fires the Motherlode.

When the Motherlode comes in contact with the grenade, it breaks into pieces as usual, but the pieces fall farther apart than they would normally. When they hit the ground, they create a larger ring of flames that highlights everyone inside, which results in a larger area of vision for Fuse and his teammates.

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Though the method might seem overpowered or verging on cheating, the player notes in the comments that it’s very difficult to pull off. The reticle has to be perfectly aligned with the airborne grenade, which is very hard to do in a controlled environment like the firing range but becomes even more difficult in a team fight scenario.

The gamer also noted that when the Motherlode touches the ground using this technique, it has large holes in its wall of flames, letting the most immobile heroes run out. The biggest impact is really the increased enemy vision, which is easier with Seer and Bloodhound.

Though the method might not have a practical use, it’s still great to see players experimenting with the combinations of abilities and attacks. It’s still unclear whether the game developer Respawn will patch this out of the game under the guise of “unintended interaction,” but as of now, Fuse players have something new to try out.

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