Apex Legends Seer abilities: What are the abilities of the new character?

Recently, Apex Legends fans got their first glimpse of a new character named Seer.

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Recently, Apex Legends fans got their first glimpse of a new character named Seer. Now, its abilities have also been revealed. During the EA Play Live conference, the trailer for Season 10: Emergence showed players what the new character is capable of. He is a recon legend just like the Bloodhound or Crypto, with his kit built around tracking down enemies. Here’s what Seer can do in Apex Legends.

Passive: Heartbeat Sensor

In the teaser, audio pointed towards the fact that the new character can track the heartbeats of opponents. When Seer aims down the sights of his gun, heartbeats will tell him the location of anyone in his sights. This will reveal enemies hiding behind walls as well, giving important information to his squad.

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Tactical: Micro-drones

The teaser also showcased a light display of micro-drones, players knew that it would be part of the character’s kit in some way. Activating the teaser even gave away free gun charms of the drones hinting at its existence in Seer’s kit.

Game Director Chad Grenier also said that drones of tactical will track enemies. This can be used along with his passive, letting players find opponents behind walls then deploy drones to track them. This should also allow Seer to track them if they decide to make a move, similar to Bloodhound’s tracking passive.

Ultimate: Sphere of Influence

As for the last part of Seer’s kit, his ultimate locks down a zone. He activates the ability and a swarm of drones is released from his chest. They create a huge sphere around an area, revealing the location of enemies and their movements. Grenier also said that if opponents run through the zone, Seer will be able to see their footprints. But if they move at a slow pace, he will have a hard time finding them. The official gameplay trailer for Seer will be released on July 26.

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